Apple closing its stores outside of China because of COVID-19

Ro, 14 March 2020

Apple announced on its website that it's closing down all of its stores outside of China in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The effort is in line with the world governments trying to minimize social interactions.

Apple closing its stores outside of China because of COVID-19

The stores will remain closed at least until March 27, but those in China re-opened yesterday. This is because the coronavirus cases in China started declining and the government has slowly gained control over the situation.

The company will still be selling its products online so you can visit the online store in your region if you are in the market for Apple devices.



Reader comments

This is why more people are switching to Samsungs.

  • Anonymous

Nobody give a damn about low end Samsungs.. They are like tissue paper, use once and throw. People own multiple phones, and does it mean people like it? NO. Even a low end iPhone is loved by people. But wait... there is NO low end iPhones! Becau...

  • Anonymous

Seems you didn’t get my point what I meant compare high ends to high ends iPhone to galaxy and note and mid range to mid range iPhone XR to galaxy A serious.

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