Apple confirms rumors of slight delay in iPhone 12 shipments

Vlad, 30 July 2020

For some time now we've been hearing rumors about a delay this year in the start of shipments of the upcoming iPhone 12 family, compared to Apple's past release timelines. This wouldn't be anything very large, the story goes, but would shift things by a few weeks.

Today during its earnings call for the third fiscal quarter of 2020 (also known as the second calendar quarter), Apple has pretty much confirmed this. Luca Maestri, the company's CFO, said that while last year Apple started selling the new iPhone generation in late September, in 2020 the company projects supply will be "available a few weeks later".

Apple confirms rumors of slight delay in iPhone 12 shipments

This is obviously expected to impact the results of the next quarter, the third calendar quarter, since the new models will completely miss it, not being out before the end of September.

According to some past rumors, the new iPhones could still be unveiled in September as usual, but wouldn't ship until sometime in October. Yesterday in its earnings call, Qualcomm also hinted at something similar when it talked about a "slight delay" of a "flagship phone launch" it's involved with (by supplying modems to Apple).



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  • Fix u

Totally agree with you!... I like that size as welll, I feel like I’m got a plastic wallet in my pocket.... I know what I’d pick in September!

  • Anonymous

No 120hz refresh, no reverse charging. What's the point?

  • Anonymous

That's the point. Sharp fitted a s845 into a phone a little bigger than the iPhone se, and they could fit something even better these days. They should at least try to fit the best mid-ranger to smaller phones, even chipset manufactures do a l...

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