Apple demands additional $180 million from Samsung for patent infringement

Prasad, 25 December, 2015

If you thought the Apple vs. Samsung legal fracas was over, you can't be more wrong. After Samsung paid $548 million this month to settle its previous fines, Apple is now demanding an additional $180 million.

The new amount is for supplemental damages, that is, damages for infringements after the cutoff date of the jury trial, which is $178.7 million plus an additional $1.2 million prejudgement interest totaling around $180 million. Of course, Samsung will be fighting this demand in court.

The supplemental damages are for five Samsung phone models sold after 2012 that were found infringing upon the patents. We'll have to wait and see which way this decision goes.



Reader comments

  • HAHA!

honestly with your comment , it only shows your the one that's stupid

  • AnonD-282171

Samsung should take it easily, rather than considering it as a penalty its a learning which make them more stronger in future, may be more powerful than apple, and laws ware always made to break, and thats what apple learnt from Ericsson & Nokia...

  • slim maibam

but this business is ridiculous to get use to it, I mean c'mon who's gonna believe that a cx buy Samsung mistakenly taken as iphone.... and the funny part is the US jury who believed it.... well am awareofbribery rules but it just so fu

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