BOE OLED production for iPhone 13 halted

Yordan, 05 May 2022

The OLED screen production for iPhone 13 by BOE, has been halted since February a new report claims. According to the Korean outlet The Elec, the design of the circuit width has been altered without prior authorization and Apple ordered its partner to halt production.

Apple halts OLED production by BOE for iPhone 13

The decline in production of OLED panels at BOE started with a shortage of display driver ICs, which BOE gets from LX Semicon - a South Korean semiconductor company that is also supplying LG Display. However, the more significant reason is the Chinese maker unilaterally changed the thin-film transistor, which would affect the internal architecture of the phone.

The report also added that this issue would not be a deal-breaker for the partnership between both companies. The Elec assumed Apple wants to keep its OLED suppliers diversified in order to reduce its dependence on Samsung and LG and have a better bargaining position. Expectations are BOE to manufacture screens for the upcoming iPhone 14, as its B11 factory in Sichuan is still in operation despite the lower production rate.



Reader comments

  • 77
  • 22 May 2022
  • mXr

Not me or we, only Apple fans users who use Apple. I'm android user

  • 40yoVirgin
  • 22 May 2022
  • LiQ

What truth are you talking about guys? We have facts and opinions and all I read here are opinions. The fact is that IOS is completly different then Android and offers different experience. Who are you to tell other people what's the truth. Ther...

so you are judging someone's intelligence based on the phone they are using. wow. what an intelligent response and what a world we are living in.

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