Apple has record breaking quarter, iPhone and Mac sales up

21 July, 2010

The iPhone 4's controversial antenna may experience drops in signal, but there's no dropping when it comes to Apple's financial results. They exceeded even Apple's own expectations leading them to break all sorts of records.

In the third fiscal quarter of 2010 (which ends on June 26), Apple's revenue is 15.7 billion US dollars and the net profit is 3.25 billion dollars. Just an year ago those figures were 9.73 billion dollars revenue and 1.83 billion dollars net profit.

The record income comes from record sales - 8.4 million iPhones were sold during the quarter (an astonishing 61% growth compared to last year's third quarter) and the Mac lineup of computers sold 33% more units as well. The iPads reached 3.27 million units sold.

About 52% of the revenue is due to international sales. It seems the only things that have fallen down are the iPod sales, which took an 8% dip (not really unexpected), and the gross margin which fell to 39.1% (down from 40.9%).

All eyes are on the fourth quarter now - and Apple has some bright plans for it. They are predicting a revenue of 18 billion US dollars for Q4. Considering they over-fulfilled their expectations for this quarter, they'll probably reach that goal and maybe even go further.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Consumers are dumb and Steve Jobs knows how to take advantage of their stupidity better than anyone, I'll grant him that.

  • Anonymous

Maybe before you said that USA is the most advance market, you really need to see this: In the country that more advance than USA, ip...

  • Anonymous

Nokia has no market in developed countries like US and even in EU, samsung outselling nokia in mid range. Nokia is used by mainly second and third world. Comparing nokia to apple is the same as comparing ford to rolls royce. Both can do the work but ...

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