Apple iOS 6 preview: First Look

GSMArena team, 13 June 2012.

What's new in iOS 6?

As we already mentioned, Apple claims there are more than 200 new features in the iOS 6. We are sure the number is right, but not all of the changes are actually visible or even worth mentioning.

Here is what we believe to be a detailed list of all noteworthy updates brought by iOS 6:

  • Siri available on iPad 3
  • Siri now speaks Canadian English, Spanish (Spain/Mexico), Italian, Italian (Switzerland), Korean, Mandarin (Chinese/Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong)
  • Siri can now provide sports scores, movie and restaurants reviews. It can launch apps and do status updates
  • Apple promises Siri integration with car handsfree systems
  • System-wide Facebook integration: Facebook contacts and events appear in the phonebook and calendar
  • Notification center gets quick Facebook/Twitter update keys
  • New Maps app with TomTom data, turn-by-turn voice navigation and 3D/Flyover view mode
  • Better Safari browser with iCloud tabs, full-screen mode, offline reading and faster performance
  • Passbook e-ticket app handles loyalty coupons, boarding passes, tickets
  • The Photo app can share photos with other iOS users. Likes and comments are supported
  • Updated Mail with VIP and Flagged mailboxes
  • Unified FaceTime/iMessages ID. FaceTime works over the cellular network
  • New UI for the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Music, Weather apps
  • You can set songs from your music library as alarm tones
  • Better privacy settings
  • New accessibility options and guided access (single-app mode for kids)
  • Re-organized settings, various new icons
  • Improved HDR camera function
  • Game Center now supports challenges (achievements)
  • Reject call with SMS
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • Lost mode
  • Improved keyboards and auto-correction
  • Three new wallpapers
  • Various improvements under the hood
  • Display brightness settings menu has been changed

A long list it certainly is, but Apple got where they are with quality, not quantity. The iOS 6 may not exactly be 200 steps in the right direction but all those novelties promise to make a difference.

Apple iOS 6 Preview Apple iOS 6 Preview Apple iOS 6 Preview
The three new wallpapers

And of course, there are plenty of features we would have liked to see on the list. It's just not in Apple's nature to respond to wishes and requests. What the company prefers to do instead is take the user experience along new paths - even ones you have never thought of.

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  • Anonymous

Apple give a standard 12 month warrenty yes you can opt for instant replacement when securing the value of the device on a credit card the will then send you a recon device in replacement but it is only 12 months when all other company's offer 24 mon...

  • sangram

how should i update ipad3 to ios6 ???? please reply ????

  • AnonD-71586

They do have a reason for these restrictions. They keep them so they can release them one by one and people will be happy, will make available live wallpaper with ios11, mp3 as ringtone with ios14. That's why they hold them because they are running o...