Apple iOS 9 tipped to focus on bug fixes and stability improvements

09 February, 2015

According to a new report online, Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 will not bring the usual host of new features as its predecessors. Codenamed Monarch, Cupertino’s next major iOS release will focus on bug fixes and overall stability improvements.

Some new features will of course make their way into iOS 9. However, optimizing the OS is going to be the major focus of Apple’s team of engineers - hardly a surprise considering the bevy of issues iOS 8 initially carried.

Apple is also said to be working on making iOS require less free storage for new updates. This particular issue stormed into the spotlight with iOS 8, which forced many users to delete content from their devices in order to install it. Owners of 16GB Apple iOS devices were unsurprisingly affected the most.

Such a step by Apple should hardly catch anyone by surprise. The company has made similar moves in the past with its OS X desktop and notebook platform.