Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G

Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G

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  • Anonymous

after a long battery refulling, the screan stay black with the white apple Logo, impossible to restart the system....
can I hope for some helping advises ?
Chris di Bukit.

  • JamesHook

Jasin, 12 Sep 2017i have a good experience with my Ipad 2 for 6 years, very good a... moreThat will be very difficult....

  • Raja

I forget padword any idea

  • Anonymous

Very very low

My lovely Ipad

  • kani

OCZ, 28 Feb 2018I've been using iPad 2 16gb WiFi for more than 5 years. I rememb... morereset your ipad. remvoe your sim and put it again another network sim. thanks

  • AnonD-349693

Update iOS 4.0

  • indra

OCZ, 28 Feb 2018I've been using iPad 2 16gb WiFi for more than 5 years. I rememb... moreIn ipad 2 holograms setting or not,? and can i SIM cards,?

  • OCZ

I've been using iPad 2 16gb WiFi for more than 5 years. I remember I purchase it in 2013 if I am not mistaken. It works fine for me until today. But the only regret thing is I was upgraded it to latest iOS 9.3.5 and it was laggy often. I can play some mobile games in good condition, but sometime if it lag, it will auto shut down my games/ any apps. Can anyone tell me how to downgrade it to iOS 7 or 8 to make it smoother? Other than software problem, battery life time no problem at all. The standby time connected WiFi for my iPad 2 was fantastic. My record from 100% battery to below 10%, it was about 1,000+ hours standby time. I like it very much except the latest iOS not suit for this model of iPad. Thanks.

  • AnonD-709348

when forget my password i go to the apple page you can change your password through this
its very easy.

  • Ra153

I am writing this on i pad 2 and i must say it still works good, apps are opening fine and for someone watching lot of you tube or online series on channel apps which you can not access via pc i pad 2 works still great.
Of course it lags on internet but it all depends which site you visit or how many apps do you have open.
Should you buy this one or new one, new one of course but if you are searching for second hand tablet i pad 2 is still good choice.

  • Jasin

i have a good experience with my Ipad 2 for 6 years, very good almost perfect, but yesterday i got a bad day, my Ipad 2 got an activation lock ( i dont know why... ), and i forgot my apple ID. How can i remember the apple ID for 6 years ago ?? I didnt use other apple product, only the Ipad 2. I ask apple support, they need the purchase receipt from the store 6 years ago.. ( how ?? ). What should i do ??

  • Anonymous

AwakeN, 10 Aug 2017Already too old and lags nowits been 6 years

  • AwakeN

Already too old and lags now

  • Ethio MK

Best device

  • AnonD-637863

AnonD-341631, 01 Jan 2017I open this page with my Ipad 2and?

  • AnonD-341631

I open this page with my Ipad 2

  • AnonD-623988

AnonD-623854, 23 Dec 2016How do I update my iPad 2 to ios 10Unfortunately , Apple has discontinued support for the iPad 2 since the rlease of iOS 9.3.5 . This is partly because of the fact that it has Apple A5 chip and half a GB of ram . On other words , it's just too weak to handle more power demanding versions of iOS smoothly . You can find a way by jailbreaking your device and retro fitting a software version somehow , but it would not be official , smooth , or in other words , it's not worth it . I have an iPad 2 myself , and I m writing this with a crapload of lag even on iOS 9.3.5 , so what would iOS 10 do to it? It's basically a goner .

  • AnonD-623854

How do I update my iPad 2 to ios 10

  • You and me

Gee, 12 Oct 2016Somebody please tell me how to make calls from an iPadUse whatsapp or messanger (fb) and call by headphones