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Apple iPad mini 3

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  • Joe Crystal

wellhello, 29 Nov 2019I don't think this is upgradeable to iPadOs (13)Yes true. I try to updated to Ios 3 but cannot

  • wellhello

I don't think this is upgradeable to iPadOs (13)

  • New ipad owner


just got a secondhand ipad mini 3. just want to ask how to optimize the usage of this ipad?

  • Aaron

pan, 13 Feb 2017its 32 bit or 64bit ?It is 64 bit operating system.

I find the number 3 unlucky. The iPad mini 3 costed $100 more than an iPad mini 2 and the only different was a gold color option and Touch ID.

Want more reasons why I think the number 3 is unlucky?

Well, the iPad 3rd generation was thicker and heavier than the iPad 2 and was actually SLOWER.
The Apple III was NOWHERE NEAR as popular as the Apple II.
3 (as in the carrier in the UK) does not support 2G networks and that sucks because I have 2G only phones. In fact loads of them.

Also, it's people like Peter III of Russia that make the number 3 feel even more unlucky (for me, anyway).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2018I have an iPad generation 2 and it was so slow but now my dad to... moreiPad mini 3 is also slow by today. Spend up and buy an iPad 2017 or iPad 2018, those are really fast and cheap but not bad

  • Anonymous

I have an iPad generation 2 and it was so slow but now my dad told me that he is getting me an iPad mini 3 this July and I am so excited. I hope my IPad mini 3 won't be slow or laggy

  • sanu

worst product..I bought mini 3 two years ago by 100 kuwait dinar,now it get mother board complaint,and the apple service center asking me to pay the coast of 95kd to repair it.whats the bloody system is products are good but once it get damaged they will ignore think guys go and purchase other good items in low price

  • Anonymous

otj not supporting.

  • Anonymous

Internal memory doesn't suffice

  • applefan

worst ipad from apple

  • kilroy

ekesh, 19 Feb 2017Is it possible to download whatsapp Technically you cut there are apps that can load whatsapp via web browser protocol

  • Gale

ekesh, 19 Feb 2017Is it possible to download whatsapp Yes, in fact here's a easy way to know that, first google the app you want to find out about, and for your case it would be "WhatsApp iOS requirement", second google the device that you want to find out that if its compatible with it or not, and again for your case it would be "iPad mini 3 latest available iOS" or anything of that sort, you'll need that because you'd see of which iOS WhatsApp is compatible with, most of the apps require iOS 8 and some require 9 or 10, but that's just some, so just keep in mind to go over which iOS is the latest or what version of Android that's compatible with the device you're buying so that you'll be able to get apps like YouTube and I said that because YouTube cant be installed on devices that have earlier firmware than iOS 8, idk about Android though, anyways hopefully this helped and why I did this was for you to save time because asking a question on places like this would take time so here's just a way to help you solve that, or possibly anyone who reads this

  • ekesh

Is it possible to download whatsapp

  • Anonymous

Jeevan, 02 Feb 2017I am also happy I have one but I wann make a phone calls and rev... moreFaceTime audio

  • Anonymous

pan, 13 Feb 2017its 32 bit or 64bit ?64bit

  • pan

its 32 bit or 64bit ?

  • Jeevan

I am also happy I have one but I wann make a phone calls and revive from my iPad mini 3 with SIM card no need to internet or cellular data as mobile can I do that? Someone can tell me how can I make that.?

  • AnonD-626477

I've own the iPad Mini 3 since September 2015 and I'm really satisfied with it. This is my second iOS device (the first one was an iPad 2). I've used both iOS and Android, and I've gotta say both has their own perks. Android offers flexibility and freedom, while iOS offers reliability and security.

What I meant is that with Android you can customize lots of things, but as time goes on, the background apps starts to slow it down and you stopped getting software updates (which often compromises security). On the other hand iOS limits the things you can customize (I am not even sure if there is anything you can customzie), but you'll get software updates as soon as they are available, as long as your hardware is still capable.

Other than that, with iOS you can just use it and forget about the technical stuffs. It doesn't get slow unless your storage is full. You can just use it daily, and it always does it job well.
Currently I'm on iOS 10.2 and I've got no issue with the exception of the touch ID, which IMO gets less sensitive compared to iOS 9. It's harder to use than before.

Take it this way, iOS is like Toyota, it's reliable and proven. While Android is like Subaru, you can customize it to your heart's content, but it needs more attention and maintenance.

Tl;dr : The iPad Mini 3 just works, that's it!

  • Yaj

Tyler, 12 Nov 2016Ipad mini is good just dont download their ios especially 9 to 1... moreSame here Tyler. I tried the itunes software then reset everything. of coures, all files was lost :-(. At least my pad is back again