Apple iPad Pro 11 (2024) in for review

Ivan, 16 May 2024

Update: We have now also published a complete battery life test of the tablet.

We've been hearing about the iPad's move to OLED since 2021, but we finally have an OLED iPad in our hands in mid-2024.

The unit we have for review is the 11-inch iPad Pro (2024) and it's a solid upgrade over its predecessor.

Apple iPad Pro 11 (2024) in for review

Part of that is down to the elapsed time - the last iPad Pro 11 came out two years ago. Sure, the M2 processor inside that tablet is no slouch, even in 2024, but the M4 inside the new Pro is built on a more efficient second-generation 3nm process, compared to the 5nm of the M2.

Some would argue whether an iPad needs an M4 chip over an A17 Pro, but this iPad has a Pro in its name, which means something (the question is more valid in the case of the 2024 iPad Air).

Apple iPad Pro 11 (2024) in for review

The bigger difference is in the display technology. The new "Ultra Retina Tandem OLED" panels on the 11 and 13-inch iPad Pros are a big step forward from the mini-LED of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2022) and a quantum leap over the IPS LCD inside the 11-inch iPad Pro (2022).

The display is truly great. It's right on the glass, or 'laminated' as the cool kids say. It's punchy with a wide contrast and lovely viewing angles. The bezels around it are a bit thick but you need to be able to hold the tablet somewhere.

Apple iPad Pro 11 (2024) in for review

But while the move to OLED is a major step for the iPad, Android tablets have been enjoying the technology for some years now. So we decided to put the 11-inch iPad next to the 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and its Dybamic AMOLED 2X panel. Yes, the size difference is absurd, but we're focusing on technology here, not size.

When the two displays are in SDR mode, the iPad is a bit brighter, and its panel is a touch less reflective. However, once you play an HDR video, the iPad pulls noticeably ahead. Great job on Apple's part.

Comparing the iPad Pro 11 (2024) to the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Comparing the iPad Pro 11 (2024) to the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
Comparing the iPad Pro 11 (2024) to the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The new iPad Pro 11 (2024) is a bit thinner (5.3mm vs 5.9mm) and lighter (444g vs 466g for the Wi-Fi model) compared to its predecessor, but we wouldn't say you'd notice a difference in the real life use.

We'll be back with more iPad Pro content, but please stay patient.


Reader comments

The new display is a major factor. We also wanted to see if we could leverage the M4 chip for our video workflow.

  • Reality...
  • 19 May 2024
  • XSt

No offence but we need reasonably sized bezels around the screen on a tablet that big!! I mean it's not a smartphone where you can wrap your fingers around it underneath. Sometimes one handed usage is required and bezels sure do help to ho...

It can be bent with ease and daily usage, but destructive damage takes certainly more effort compared to previous generation. You could already see misshaped iPads when they revealed them in the event.

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