Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2020)

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2020)

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  • Anonymous

Refrain from buying this bendable product.
Cheap quality as usual dished out at high prices.

  • English Rob

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2020Apple already uses OLED on their iPhones for a few years no... moreI use my iPad for photos, showing customers but it old now,several years old.
The iPad Pro 12.9 seems like a good replacement. As my old one has a very low part exchange price, I will just give it to a friend... it still works fine, and as been always been in a case and looks immaculate.

John, 08 Aug 2020@NeonHD because a PRO device should last as long as possibl... moreYou are just looking at a very minority of devices.

AMOLED has improved significantly over the past few years. What people thought about AMOLED a few years ago isn't the case anymore. And no, I'm not saying that AMOLED isn't susceptible to burn-in, it always will be, but it will increasingly become more *resistant* to it.

Unless you keep your screen always on for some reason (which I doubt you'd be using it as a smartphone anymore), there's realistically an insignificant chance that you'll get burn in. Besides, Android already has effective anti-burn in mechanisms built right into the OS since Pie.

5-10 years? Maybe. But it is virtually impossible to get a burn in within just one to two years.

And like I said, AMOLED tech will keep on improving, so I'm sure in the far future burn in won't even be a problem anymore.

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2020I'll take IPS display anyday, I've seen how bad s... moreIt's funny that you compared an AMOLED panel from way back in 2014. In case if you haven't noticed yet, it's 2020 and AMOLED technology has significantly improved over the past five, no, six years.

I own an LG V30 for more than an year and never got any burn in, and it's not even the best AMOLED panel in the market (that goes to Samsung).

There's really nothing much else to say. AMOLED is simply much better than before so your comparison is outdated.

  • Anonymous

NeonHD, 06 Aug 2020I absolutely do not understand why they're still using... moreI'll take IPS display anyday, I've seen how bad screen burn can be on Samsung Galaxy S5 amoled display(it's a Samsung 2014 flagship phone btw). The keyboard screen stick on the screen forever.

Extra vivid, dynamic display or whatever on amoled display is not worth the risk of having screen burn in the next 4-5 years especially if I already spent in $1000 for a gadget.

Afterall Apple's IPS display looks good as well.

  • John

@NeonHD because a PRO device should last as long as possible. And we can see on all OLED devices, that the screen starts to burn in just after a year or two, whereas this does not happen on IPS panels. So I'm really glad to get a well-conceived PRO device here.
- No I'm not an Apple fanboy, my Phone is an OnePlus 7 and I'm not going to change.

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2020There are good and bad lcd panels. This is a good one. And ... moreYes but AMOLED's color reproduction isn't nearly as vivid nor dynamic as IPS.

IPS on an entry-level tablet makes sense, but on luxury high-end tablets it makes more sense to put in an AMOLED display.

I absolutely do not understand why they're still using LCD on their iPad Pro. It's the-



This is Apple's most luxurious tablet, such a high-end tablet deserves to be accompanied with a high-end AMOLED screen. I want to see vibrant colors and deep blacks, not neutral discreet colors.

I think using iPad to draw is very good

  • Anonymous

Kkt, 28 Jul 2020Size is fab but why these idiots still using old ips techni... moreThere are good and bad lcd panels. This is a good one. And it is not prone to burn in.

  • Kkt

Size is fab but why these idiots still using old ips technilogy wtf is that joke??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Good But I want it for gaming and there is no Headphone JackThis is honestly is way too big for gaming. Unless you would use a controller cuz this is just massive in size.

  • Shrey

Awesome iPad. Highly recommend. Great with Apple Pencil 2 and goodnotes 5 app.

  • Anonymous

An iPad having 4K 60fps recording...? This is ridiculous. Also I'm an Android person but i do own a couple of ipads and im pretty impressed by this one, if not for the price. 120hz refresh rate too...

  • Anonymous

Hamaad Gohar, 04 May 2020I am regular user of MacBook Pro & MacBook Air, and mos... moreI use it for such use and works perfect. For what I use no need for laptop any more.

  • Anonymous

Good But I want it for gaming and there is no Headphone Jack

  • ahsan

I like the new ipad pro

  • Anonymous

I am so glad i got the 12.9 inch because all that i know family friends etc got 11 inch saying its too big once i let them try this for a while & they are totally regretting getting the 11 inch because its actually very comfortable it only takes forget days just few hours & its so hard to let go, 11 still you will keep aside 12.9 you just cant

I was in the market for a tablet so was waiting for this release to see what it would bring. In the end, the cost didn't really balance the benefits for my needs. I ended up picking up a refurbished iPad Pro 10.5 for less than half the price, but with 256GB storage. I've yet to see any application or game it doesn't handle absolutely perfectly. For my needs, the cost difference simply didn't make sense. I think this is the biggest issue with the current Pro line. The performance of previous generations remains so good, and the feature set is not changing rapidly enough to really bring a huge value to an upgrade.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 May 2020Have both of the new 11 and 12.9 inch pro 2020 in my family... morewhere did you get it??
I'm trying to buy it but the 2020 version is not availibe online