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  • ritesh

going for apple mobile + ipod for rs:40000.00 is really worth it and i really like the phone

  • abc

@ musavir:

Yup i agree with u mate, one can never describe in words about this phone, Excellent phone by Apple!

Nokia, SE and Samsung should think over it!

  • Anonymous

Because there are a lot of skeptical guys against progress just like when they were against Galileo that discovered that the earth was round.
This device is a major step ahead in progress, it is not a cellphone like the others and should not even be compared to them.
You want a cellphone? get a Nokia or a SE or a Motorola.
You want to step into the future? get an Iphone !

  • h@

how do you download applications for this phone?

  • riea

Though it's resolution is good (480*320)
3,5 inch display
& sound in airphone may be uncomperable
But you see no video, less effctive camera, bluetooth and most importantly no third party software.
yeh, I think I never even think to buy it.
But surprisingly huge people disagree with me, WHY? What's the reason of it's huge sell?
Rumour, Status or simply curosity or anything else. I don't know. Do u know?

  • unay

does it have have bluetooth and how to use in asia region. and also people say that if apple phone has to change some code if it use in asia region.

  • h@

Anyone facing problems with the bluetooth?

  • sdasd

its the best mobile ever made in the history of phones

  • Anonymous

now available in my contry ready.From Cambodia. But it is very expensive. 18 Sep 2007 it price is 790USD.
I think I cannot paid up to 790USD. Cos at Apple store only 399USD. Heey
Maybe no long it will lower pricing.

  • musavir

i have just bought it.. for PK Rs.45000.. its simply hillarious and addictive.. cant describe in words.. its colors are just amazing.. and yes its screen is scratch proof.. its sound quality in normal mode is not that much good.. but once you put its earphones in ur ears.. you feel like you are in a cinema..

  • fayrouz

does this work in Egypt?

  • jabinxzwang

base on the info given and reviews i read, i am so convinced in buying an iphone but what bothers me is if it would be possible to buy one without having to apply for a plan from at&t and if there is a way we could use it with other sim card from other network in my country.. Im from the Philippines by the way..

  • aMmOOooR

Look at yourselves...
Why would you be asking for Java if you're already familiar with Mac Os X, why would you even buy a Mac phone if you're not a Mac person in the first place!
Those who think this is the coolest smart phone ever only because they saw the ads, please don't buy it! We don't need negative reviews around here..
Mac people, I believe this is the piece you've been waiting for.

It lacks some features, like the 3G and the Bluetooth thing, and of course the entire stressing process of unlocking and living in fear of being locked again with the next update, but, after all, it's worth every penny, it gives you exactly what you paid for.

PC People, if you're not really interested, go for hdc or iMate, don't bother yourself with an entirely new operating system!

  • cXeMaTa

i want to ask is it working with sim cards? or it's just made for AT&T networks

  • Anonymous

I asked a friend in the US that got one what he thought about it and if he could get one for me as he is coming over to Switzerland next week and this is the reply I got :
Happy to be of service. The iPhone is already ordered. I'll bring it to Luca. It's the coolest phone EVER!


  • Anonymous

But over one million people think otherwise !

  • Nick

$400!! i don't think it worth that much. if it were up to me for design I'd say 2 for features I'd say 4.5 and for performance I'd say 1 coz my friend got 1 and he said it sucked out loud!

  • alec

i like the phone very much. can i ask when will it be made available in the Philippines?
is there a possibility of 3G function?

  • Anonymous

The iphone is just a fancy toy. The call functions sux, the text functions are unworkable and the UI is absolutely uncustomisable. Anyone thinking differently are kidding themselves because they just paid a fortune for a phone that doesn't do much.

  • alex

450 charges, approx 2 years?? Where'd u pull that from out of curiosity...