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  • CPW1

Some stores open late. Guess thats most of the Big City its when most people have finished work, so it does make sense...Looks like an awesome phone.

  • lsacpw

god knows why they have to release it at 6pm in the uk just been told we open at 9am close at 4pm for pos change then open back up for 6pm till 8pm
what is the point if anyone knows the answer

  • h@

Is the screen really scratch proof?

  • h@


I believe that the battery can be charged more than 450 times, and should last approx 2 years.

  • Jake

Its being released in the UK on No 9th, to O2!

  • Zulu

Yes this phone is been released on the 9th of november at 6 pm so, watch this space.....

  • Huy

I've heard that the battery can be charged & recharged about 100 times then you you have to replace new one (80$) is it true?

  • Anonymous

Internet is slower than molasesses, My iPhone SUCKS

  • hussain

i think apple is screwing its chances of selling the iphone to potential customers around the globe. i dont know why they are taking such a looong time to launch it worldwide!!??? besides as for people who can afford it, they would have bought it already from the grey market!! now when they drag themselves to places like india, their employees will already have the phone!! lol!!!

steve time to buck up else it will be no surprise if it totally flops in india!

  • Anonymous

Let me get it right :
O2 pays Apple revenue sharing to have the IPhone Exclusive in the UK
T Mobile in Germany does the same to have it for Germany
Orange in France
Telefonica in Spain,
Prime telecom companies that understand well the EUROPEAN business.
Yet the usual disinformed complainers suggest that there are better phones available like the N95 or some " decent phones" from Sony Ericsson ??????
Why is it that no telecom in the world is paying revenue sharing for ANY device but the Iphone ?
Could it be that it is indeed something new that is changing the rules and opening new horizons for all of us ?
It is PROGRAMMABLE has an excellent UI and it is a lot more than just a phone and yes it will fire up COMPETITION so the other
guys will get moving !
And we will all benefit !

  • abc

What a fantastic device it is!
simply mindblowing, yesterday got a chance to play with him, one of my friend bought it, its a F***** awesome phone, the interface, the functionality, the looks, evrything is realy SUPERB of it, im going to buy it very soon..


Two thumbs UP!

  • amirah

i have seen a really good presentation of the handset and it looks surely looking forward to it!
i hope the battery life is good!!!

  • h@

How is battery life on this device?, anyhting that needs recharging daily is not worth buying.

  • Anonymous

It's a brick! Lovin the phone, but the dimensions are a bit bulky for my liking. I heard something about a nano version in the future?! True or not I don't know. Let's hope Apple aren't tight with the memory in future, 4gb/8gb isn't exactly great for a protable hard drive with phone and media player built in. It's the first of it's kind and a great gadget... although I'm prepared to wait a year or two for the next generation.

  • bored worker

The iphone has lousy phone feaures. The conversation quality is mediocore, the sms sytem is unworkable, and mms doesn't exist. But don't worry, Americans don't use any of those mobile features anyway. Apart from that the iphone is a great PHONE!?

  • Jim

tebz - you made me laugh! "Poor Apple"? What advertizing costs? It's all been free press? And with upwards of 40% of their revenue coming from deal with the mobile networks themselves, Apple's laughing it's way to the bank. Son, spend a little time in business school before posting next time, m'kay?

  • tebz

Apple should not have entered the mobile phone's a pity...all that presales and advertising costs...they would have been better of giving all advertising costs to charity..poor poor Apple...stick to music devices and pcs okay!

  • Bintang

is there any way to download messenger(Yahoo & MSN)Thanks.
This phone is a BOM.

  • Anonymous

Well here in the US, we don't actually care a lot about 3G.
There are many 3G phones, but nobody buys them.
People here need the phone for calls and E-mails, so what's the point to waste money on pricey 3G devices. To do what, watch TV and have video calls?
80% of the people here use Bluetooth headset and they keep their phones in the bags and pockets.
And iPhone is perfect.You just didn't try it. It's totally different experience from other phones. This is not just a phone.
I think you are just jealous because you have to wait a long time for it :)))))))

  • J.B

Its official!! The first U.K. network to get the iphone is o2. It will be released on the 9th November.