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  • Jim

tebz - you made me laugh! "Poor Apple"? What advertizing costs? It's all been free press? And with upwards of 40% of their revenue coming from deal with the mobile networks themselves, Apple's laughing it's way to the bank. Son, spend a little time in business school before posting next time, m'kay?

  • tebz

Apple should not have entered the mobile phone's a pity...all that presales and advertising costs...they would have been better of giving all advertising costs to charity..poor poor Apple...stick to music devices and pcs okay!

  • Bintang

is there any way to download messenger(Yahoo & MSN)Thanks.
This phone is a BOM.

  • Anonymous

Well here in the US, we don't actually care a lot about 3G.
There are many 3G phones, but nobody buys them.
People here need the phone for calls and E-mails, so what's the point to waste money on pricey 3G devices. To do what, watch TV and have video calls?
80% of the people here use Bluetooth headset and they keep their phones in the bags and pockets.
And iPhone is perfect.You just didn't try it. It's totally different experience from other phones. This is not just a phone.
I think you are just jealous because you have to wait a long time for it :)))))))

  • J.B

Its official!! The first U.K. network to get the iphone is o2. It will be released on the 9th November.

  • Anonymous

iphone copy lg

  • Anonymous

too bad i dont really like the look of IPHONE copy lg

  • ragnarok

hmmmmm, vert sceptical about ipod. cant believe that it has only 8GB and 2mpx camera. and where is 3G? does not americans know what we use here in europe?! and all that fuzz about it. no thanks, Apple, not now.

  • smithy

kathy i reccomend you heed the advise that has been given to you use this site to look up phones and specs to decide if a certain phone is for you.
i agree with tordrumguy read it post it i am guessing you were able to get on this site not becouse you have internet at home in fact you probably live in bangladesh or something like that but the fact bangladesh opened their first internet cafe whoooopie
the iphone is a great device revolusionary is a word that springs to mind how ever i guess if you are wanting one purely cause it is ipod with a phone and camera well see ya

  • apple

hi. just got my new iphone. its unlocked and working perfectly well here in hongkong.

but i have a question: does your youtube work? mine does not even if im connected with a hotspot.

also, it does not work with my nokia bluetooh stero headset.

  • Savor

"Does The Media Love Apple Too Much?"­a-love-apple-too-much/

  • Carl

This is Phone is really cool but where I live we will have to pay a wooping $7000.00 for it so there is no way I will every see myself spending that kind of money on a phone and half of the features aren't even available down here so that's my opinion but trust me there are alot of people down here who can and will buy it!

  • james

its extremely user friendly, nothing too complicated, but it has one major flaw.

use it for 5 minutes, and it becomes the smudgier and greasier than the roof of the fryer in macdonalds. And trust me, its not my hands, everyone i know has streaks along their iPhones.

Just, go get a decent sony erricson and save yourself 100.

  • Bintang

I got this phone yesterday and is amazing & flawless.People who talked a bad thing abaut iphone maybe because they can't get it.(AT&T Only).Any phone can search any website,but they can't play youtube.But this phone is everything.Check Email,search web,youtube,music,video,etc.
ATTN for iphone user,Does any one know any game,other aplication for it?.
Is there any way to make costume ring tone?
(i mean for free).
Thank you so much and i realy appreciated.

  • Stuart

It will finally be coming to the UK, yeeeah! I read ( the Germans are getting their iphone with 16 GB + 3G, is that true?

  • Ahmed

This phone is good but i think apple should stay with iPods and not try and make phones because when your using it it seems like a ipod with a camera not a mobile phone!!!

  • Anonymous

do u have to use itunes to sync videos or music to the iphone?
if u do, must u pay/purchase those videos or music?

  • superkev

It launches on 9 November 2007
It will be available in O2, Carphone Warehouse and Apple stores as well as on and 8GB iPhone will be available for 269 incl VAT on a consumer 18 month tariffs
Exclusive to O2 on consumer 18 month contract its not yet available on business tariffs and contracts - of course business customers can still buy an iPhone but will need to take out one of the new 18 month iPhone contracts.
the real internet on your mobile with flat rate, all you can eat pricing, just like your home broadband. In a UK first, customers will have unlimited access to over 7,500 public Wi-Fi hotspots included in their monthly tariff

  • A guy

Yeah, I'm tired of hearing the world "Revolutionary" as a lame excuse to give the iPhone more value than it actually has, I mean, I don't see it doing anything new regarding communication, and by communication I mean making and receiving calls, and sending SMS, I don't mention MMS because it doesn't even have this function, but well, I don't know many people that use MMS a lot.

So please, iPhone defenders, enlight me about all this "Revolutionary" things the iPhone has.

P.D. Please, and I mean it seriously, don't try to sell me the idea of the multimedia functions, I do konw them, have seen them in action, and even though I think they are good, they seem far too simple, and don't tell me that the "Revolution" is making things simple, because that's just simply a lame excuse for not looking behind the fact that you don't want to feel scammed by Apple.


  • Anonymous

This guy has Unlocked iPhones selling for $525. Seems like a good deal! Has anyone bought one from him yet?­=1&item=330166804466&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=­014