Apple iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone 12 mini

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  • Fusunny

look here guys who hate 2200mAh the iPhone x battery is 2700mAh but it is bigger in size and they could have done a 2500mAh battery for the 12 mini but it would have to be bulkier and uncomfortable to hold still better than the iPhone 8, later version and the iPhone SE

  • Anonymous

stfu the phone is just small don't expect a large battery and also the it's optimized so the battery life is not bad

  • goran

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2020Bad Battery, iOS prison, same old Design, overpriced. Nobo... moreThis phone has the right dimensions and only an apple can hit right in the center.
The most beautiful phone ever ..

  • Anonymous

Exikias, 29 Oct 2020It's because of the size! But I'm afraid the batt... moreEven I have the same thoughts

  • Anonymous

I think 2200mah battery for this compact phone is very less. Battery could have been at least 2400 to 2500 mah. Definitely I would have purchased this

  • Anonymous

Sunny, 11 hours ago2000mAh lol...stfu, you do realise this phone is only 131.5mm tall AND only 7.4mm thick, right? were you expecting a 4500mAh battery or something?

  • Sunny

2000mAh lol...

  • Anonymous

2000mah battery lol.. what is this year 2013 ???

  • 678

Akira Kurou, 20 Oct 2020Guess what? You've just lost your bet. Based on you... moreok, I see you.... huh, I'll just sit and eat my popcorn. It'll be fresh out the package>>>>

  • as12

esherlon, 26 Oct 2020display uses 80% ish of battery powerhow about the other 20%?

  • Anonymous

Aflal, 30 Oct 2020I like this compact phone and I'm gonna buy this next ... moreagree!

Tech pro, 29 Oct 2020My target to own this phone after one year when price dropsI like this compact phone and I'm gonna buy this next year so the price might drop. This phone can slightly increase the thickness so battery capacity can be increased.

  • Anonymous

GeeX, 29 Oct 2020so beautiful. most powerful 5G capable mini phone ever..Bad Battery, iOS prison, same old Design, overpriced.
Nobody buys small phones anymore, because now big phones are better.
Only diehard Apple fans, midgethanded, and girls that don't know about tech would buy it.
No wonder, why Android is getting better and better.

  • Jimbob

Could have made this 8.5mm with a bigger battery

  • i

I wonder what battery life will you have on this phone with such small battery... They should have removed that magsafe thing and increase batery, because of that mag safe magnets battery shrunk...

  • babak

i will buy it .its exactly best successor for my iphone se 2020

  • hey

I will switch back from android to apple, due to 12 mini.

My target to own this phone after one year when price drops

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2020I thought this had good battery reviews??????? Unlike SE 2020The endurance from iphone 12 looks good! I hope it will be good for the mini aswell

  • Rendy

Like this phone
-from a Xiaomi user