Apple iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone 12 mini

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  • John

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022It’s spelled „Right!“Then spread #bringback2012 on me!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Dec 2021Rude!It’s spelled „Right!“

  • PAOP75

The phone is good but not wow, there is missing things on the phone for the price they should including many other functions for example finger print , also the missing charger and headphones makes this phone a expensive bit of tech, seems like apple make millions by ripping off people pockets and people addicted to this type of tech still contribute for their growth and won't realized they pay of item with missing features but apart of my criticism there is some pros but not enough to cover the price of this tech.

Compact bu has very good specs. I like Apple iPhone 12 Mini design. The only I feel lazy to buy an iPhone is its charger. Android smartphone has released many products with 65W charger inside the box and now it is 120W charger. iPhone? Still stone head using 20W charger.

It is super sonic fast charging era. Apple need bring 90W charger support. Charging to 100% in just less than 30 minutes will be very good.

  • Mike

Steve, 24 Dec 2021QUESTION PLEASE If this doesn't have fingerprint scan... moreYes Face ID unlocks banking apps and its really fast

  • Ali

Steve, 24 Dec 2021QUESTION PLEASE If this doesn't have fingerprint scan... moreHello, yes it does.

  • Steve

If this doesn't have fingerprint scanning then does face id work to say unlock your bank apps and such like the fingerprint models do without a password?
Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2021Just carry your tv lol.Rude!

  • Anonymous

edward, 22 Oct 2021S21 5G or iPhone 12 mini?Cant be serious S21

  • Anonymous

Traian, 04 Nov 2021Battery is the poor chapter of this phone. A good phone wit... moreIts only 2222 etc..small .

  • Anonymous

John , 18 Dec 2021okay, big phone hater!Just carry your tv lol.

  • Anonymous

Mullah, 21 Dec 2021Very big phonesWell If you're used to big phones, go with the 13 pro max! Or an s21 ultra!

  • Mullah

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2021Lol. iPhone 11 is far from a big phone. At least for 2021 s... moreVery big phones

  • John

tri, 29 Nov 2021i just upgrade to 12 mini from 11.. i think its a good choi... moreokay, big phone hater!

  • Bob

Used to own the original SE for years and loved it. I have a pixel 4A now that I got for the camera. I want to go back to the Apple system and now these are coming down in price used. Is the camera better or at least comparable to the pixel?

  • Anonymous

tri, 29 Nov 2021i just upgrade to 12 mini from 11.. i think its a good choi... moreLol. iPhone 11 is far from a big phone. At least for 2021 standards.
What do you consider iPhone 11 Pro Max or 12 Pro Max then?

  • Anonymous

KANSBOY, 07 Nov 2021why then are so many people saying the mini 12 battery is c... moreEasy. Because some (I don't want to be rude) type of people, buy the iPhone 12 mini and then use it the same as they would use a 12 Pro Max.
Bottom line, know your priorities and then make the purchase. Don't buy the iPhone 12 Mini as your primarily phone for gaming, watching hours of movies and videos on YouTube, then complain about the battery life. Just get a bigger phone. iPhone 12 is just a little more expensive and much better battery life. Or go for an Android phone, something like Samsung S21.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 202117 seconds Lol.
Missed opportunity to say 69 seconds. Or 420 seconds.

iPhone 12 mini is my first venture into the Apple ecosystem and after using the device for a week, I'm more than satisfied with everything the mini offers.

My budget was very limited and my initial choices were the SE 2020 and the iPhone 11. But, I happened to get a good deal from an online retailer for the 12 mini 128GB variant, almost at the same price for SE 2020 128GB variant from the Apple online store.

I'm posting this opinion for just one simple reason - To dispel prospective buyers' concern about the mini's battery life.

If the phone is primarily used for making calls, texting, reading a bit of news/articles, watching short video clips, making payments, bit of navigation and occasional camera usage in a typical day, then the battery can easily last for an entire day.

The 12 mini fulfills my expectations - compact, premium build quality, Stock OS (I come from Mi A1 and Motorolas) IP rating, manufacturer support for at least a few years (based on Apple's track record) and ease of use. A very capable camera module and Face ID are just bonuses.

To wrap it up, if gaming and binge watching are not on your daily agenda of your smartphone usage, iPhone 12 mini can be a great device for you, if 13 mini is out of your budget range.

  • tri

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2021iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 mini? Which one to go for? I want go... morei just upgrade to 12 mini from 11.. i think its a good choice i dislike big phone