Apple iPhone 12 mini production reportedly halted

Michail, 22 June 2021

It’s no secret that the iPhone 12 mini underperformed in terms of sales compared to the rest of Apple’s current iPhone lineup. Now, TrendForce is reporting that the 12 mini is no longer in production, reaching the end of its life cycle. The phone is still up on Apple’s website and will continue to sell as before until stock lasts.

Apple is expected to focus on driving sales of the three non-mini models in the iPhone 12s series in view of the fact that the iPhone 12 mini (which reached End-of-Life ahead of time in 2Q21) suffered disappointing sales performances compared to other models in the iPhone 12 family. - TrendForce

The iPhone 12 mini was the most affordable member of the iPhone 12 series launching at $699/€799. It’s also the smallest, thinnest and lightest 5G phone on the market.

Apple iPhone 12 mini production reportedly halted

Sadly, it only contributed to an estimated 5% of all iPhone 12 sales. Despite the lackluster sales performance of the 12 mini, Apple is still rumored to bring a successor this fall.

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  • Anonymous

Just switcht to Iphone 12 mini after more than 10 years Samsung S series, because of the mini size. And i think this is the best size phone thas on the market. Even with IOS.. Fantastic phone!

What a shame. The best size for people who moves around or driving all the time.

  • Anonymous

Seems that 95% of their target consumers picked up an iPhone SE2.

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