Apple iPhone 13 in for review

Ricky, 27 September 2021

Apple's newest lineup was announced earlier this month and we've got the headlining device in the office for review. Naturally, we chose Apple's newest color to the lineup: pink. Although we've seen the Rose Gold on the iPhone 6S, and Coral on the iPhone 5C, this is the first real pink finish, and it sure looks bubbly.

Apple iPhone 13 in for review

The iPhone 13 has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen, virtually unchanged from the iPhone 12 last year. The notch housing the Face ID hardware, however, does see a slight reduction compared to previous iterations.

Apple iPhone 13 in for review

In terms of footprint, the iPhone 13 is just slightly thicker than last year's 12. The other dimensions are virtually identical. That added thickness introduces more battery capacity, up to 3,240 mAn vs. the 12's 2,815 mAh. These changes bump up the iPhone 13's weight by just 10g from 164g on the 12 to 174g with the iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone 13 in for review

The camera setup is made up of two 12MP rear cameras, and a 12MP front-facing cam. The main camera sees an upgrade with larger 1.7┬Ám pixels, and sensor-shift OIS.

Apple iPhone 13 in for review

Most of the changes made on the iPhone 13 are incremental, though they are welcome changes. We expect to see improvements to the phone's battery life, as well as improvements with the iPhone's low-light and video performance. We're excited to dive into the new iPhones and see what Apple's done behind the scenes.


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Chips can't be matched in performance? Where? On Benchmarks or in the real world? Sure you can't match a14 or a15 on GeekBench and 3d wildlife Benchmarks. But in real world, two year old Snapdragon 865 based mi 10t pro giving more ave...

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Please, tell me which main stream tech is no spying on you? Even if you turn off all the analytical options in Google for example you are simply taking their word for it. I have yet to see mainstream tech that offers services that strictly do no...

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Ok bro I agree with you what about the chips which they offer which even cannot be matched by qualcomms latest chip 898 or 895

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