Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max proves its durability in latest test

Ivan, 30 September 2021

If you had any doubts that the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is a durable phone, go ahead and cast those away. JerryRigEverything's latest video shows the top iPhone being scratched, burned and bend-tested and in keeping with its peers and predecessors, the iPhone 13 Pro Max survived.

There were no surprises. If you're familiar with the JerryRig durability test then the iPhone's screen scratched at a level 6 like any other glass display on a current smartphone, the stainless steel frame's glossy coating scratched with a razor, the phone didn't nudge when bend tested. The burn test was interesting - the iPhone 13 Pro Max' OLED display's pixels didn't burn after nearly a minute over the lighter.

Here's the video in all its gory detail.


Reader comments

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