Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Anuta, 07 Sep 2022it literally doesn't lmao because of the small battery? wrong.
even the iPhone 13 pro max with the small battery won all the androids in battery life (except those ones with very thick batteries)

    WheeleR, 08 Sep 2022Apple - iPhone 14 Pro Max Apple - iPhone 14 Pro Apple ... moreyouve completely forgot about the satellite feature, which can be useful...

      Jamie, 08 Sep 2022First thing I search for a new phone is a big battery . A... morenot always bigger battery is better. samsung s22 ultra's battery got defeated by iPhone 13 pro max.

        Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022What a hideously large and ugly punch hole. Not to mention ... moresays an android fanboy

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          • DxW
          • 08 Sep 2022

          NeonHD, 08 Sep 2022Depends. Some Android software are well-optimized for batte... moremajority of them are not , and its a fact

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            • Vishal
            • Dkr
            • 08 Sep 2022

            Where is fingerprint sensor 🧐😔

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              • Gool
              • XD4
              • 08 Sep 2022

              240 grs? Oh no.heavy brick.

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                • Anonymous
                • Sq1
                • 08 Sep 2022

                4k recoding in iPhone 14 Pro Max HAHAHA in Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 8k recording they still can in 8k for recording flagship iPhones well, nak iPhone SE 2022 it's still okay, but in 14 pro max it's terrible

                  [deleted post]Nice promotion, i hope no one falls for this 🤷🏻‍♂️

                    The new dynamic island is awesome, you can hate it or not but it really is. It's different from android world.
                    Can't wait for reviews!

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                      • widcreative
                      • sE8
                      • 08 Sep 2022

                      what is the battery life?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • JM@
                        • 08 Sep 2022

                        Not Radio why ????

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Hxi
                          • 08 Sep 2022

                          nothing that much new but at least no price hike which is good for consumer

                            it is king of all smartphone

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                              • Banana
                              • xjH
                              • 08 Sep 2022

                              1400++ euro? That is so cheap..i mean cheat.

                                Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022Sattelite Message Option?? Is this gonna be for free??"Apple promotes satellite communication as an emergency feature, so it's not meant to replace regular cellular connectivity."

                                Source: Google's featured snippets "which iPhone have satellite connection".

                                From here I believe it is a premium feature.

                                  460 ppi worthty of spotlight?
                                  Current density champs are Sony Xperia IV and III with 643 ppi. Apple fanboys don't care and Apple knows. Apple is like a trillonaire parent who starve their children of best they provide. And when they buy something nice to eat that has been around for ages, they say to their willfully ignorant children "who's the good boy? Who's the good girl? You know you'll be the first one who's going to get to taste this first
                                  " 🤣

                                    WheeleR, 08 Sep 2022Apple - iPhone 14 Pro Max Apple - iPhone 14 Pro Apple ... moreSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
                                    Samsung Galaxy S23 plus
                                    Samsung Galaxy S23 Vanilla
                                    Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

                                    Although the difference aren't that much but atleast it has more than iPhone 14 line-up (the Ultra is an exception tho). And also remember that the non pro is just a rebranded 13 non pro with the addition of satellite connectivity (if it indeed come to the non pro models).

                                    Just notify me if there's addition information.

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                                      • Starks
                                      • IbG
                                      • 08 Sep 2022

                                      Not00Apple, 07 Sep 2022Top specs, impressive cameras, VERY bright screen, how abou... moreIPhone doesn't have fast charge,. It says 50% in 30 minutes, which is pretty slow

                                        Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022Sattelite Message Option?? Is this gonna be for free??Idk it could he premium remembering how Apple is...