Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

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  • 28 Aug 2022

Tafserul alim Apon, 28 Aug 2022Lmao Only 6gigs of ram thats hilariousYeah, I was expecting at least 8GB RAM since the iPhone 13 Pro has 6GB RAM.

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    • tuh
    • 28 Aug 2022

    why did apple put it in the middle... shouldve put on the side

      Lmao Only 6gigs of ram thats hilarious

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        • AvocadoToast
        • sxs
        • 28 Aug 2022

        My first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy Y back when I was in middle school. Used it for quite some time and to its full extent. Did mods, flashed ROMs, tweaked and overclocked the cpu, modified its Kernels everything what you could think of if you have and android phone. After 1.5 years of using it battery gave up on me and I upgraded to a couple of locally made (OEMs branded) phones. Since these are just sub-par in quality phones it never really lasted me more than 1 year. Most often issues will arise in the weakest link of old android phones ie: the charging port and power/volume buttons. Prolly used a total of 3 android phones in my college days.

        But when I got my first job in 2016 I promised myself I would buy an iPhone. Saved my salary and bought the iPhone 7. For over 6 years, 6 years! I've been using this phone. This phone has seen it all. I dropped it, submerged in water, replaced the battery 3 times, I've taken to places. I have gone to 3 ex-girlfriends but only got this phone. Imagine that if my phone could also last that long in my relationships. Sigh. And it can still run fine, I play games with it, listen to music, do multi tasking anything really.

        Now that this phone has reached its final days. When iOS 16 will finally rolled out, iPhone 7 will officially dead. Most of my banking and payment apps will automatically adhere to the newer update to for security and this phone will be used solely for media device now.

        This is why a lot of people choose iPhones. It does not have that flashy and cool bells and whistle of an Android customization and open-sourced OS platform. Its expensive, and sometimes the software is a bitch (walled garden OS ecosystem) but iPhone just works. IT. JUST. WORKS.

        I'll surely looked forward to my new iPhone 14.

        Gonna buy a mid-range Android as well for some apps I cannot get in iOS.

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          • YPb
          • 28 Aug 2022

          Sin, 27 Aug 2022I have used iphones as family and friends have them but... moreagain, but in english

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            • 28 Aug 2022

            Shafic Abdallah, 25 Aug 2022The main reason why most people love iphones is because peo... moreSome people buy iPhones because of its reliability and premium customer support and aftersales support.

              Sin, 27 Aug 2022I have used iphones as family and friends have them but... moreto summarize this, the android OS doesnt matter how many ram you can add. it depends on chipset, why would always buy a budget phone that performs the same?? just dont spend another for a budget phone. invest more money on flagships instead. also iphone 5 is no longer run properly. most games nowadays runs on 64 bit. despite the 5 is a 32 bit device.

                Rambo, 27 Aug 2022Many I read your comments. Still don't understand your... morehis comments are just a story-telling. who in the right mind comparing iphones to android just because of the ram??!! its like comparing apples to watermelons.

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                  • Ravi Kumar
                  • rAM
                  • 27 Aug 2022

                  Rambo, 27 Aug 2022Many I read your comments. Still don't understand your... moresame too, really dint understand, what he actually want to say.

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                    • 27 Aug 2022

                    Sin, 27 Aug 2022I have used iphones as family and friends have them but... moreMany I read your comments. Still don't understand your point and summary of those 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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                      • 27 Aug 2022

                      Anonymous, 26 Aug 2022I have both iphone 13 pro max and s22 ultra. Most of my fre... moreExcept for long term reliability and good resale value.

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                        • Sin
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                        • 27 Aug 2022

                        you have to suffer, 27 Aug 2022what you paid to apple is their premium user experience. li... moreI have used iphones as family and friends have them

                        but it is true i didn't buy a iphone for myself the modal i wanted too buy want out of software support before i was able too buy it the iphone 5c take so long too get to ok price

                        The premium user experience iphone is said too have just seens like awkward gestures control too me

                        i was never able too understand navigation on iphone i only liked the home bottom like android has

                        my mums iphone 5 got long time ago
                        about the operating system the os support is awful apps said no longer supported was why my mum hates apple now because a really light game she can no longer play and everything just stops working really fast
                        the phone don't turn on anymore

                        my friends iphone 5 stops working for a lot what she needed too software and apps not supported not enough storage and poor battery life

                        this kinda stuff just don't happen on android
                        even very old versions of android still work as far back as android 6 with most games and apps and there is sd card slot and removable battery on some android phones

                        The hardware iphone 6 well there so unreliable one both broke one dead from battery stopped working other i can't remember

                        also there 1gb ram is not a premium amount of ram camera was fine at least
                        also there was fear if put in your pocket with phone 6+ it would bend and break the phone

                        we had a lot of smartphones in are house family had many but drop them often
                        budget samsungs huawei alcatel many generic phones
                        some flagships from sony

                        The older budget android phones used be real crap was very slow and freeze up all the time old samsung alcatel was seen as rubbish huawei was very popular i was never a fan of there phones or software

                        dad like sony the sony phones i didn't like sony much my mum got my dads old sony phone but after the sony phone all beaten up still going with it's back half off and broken dead battery it dead but it come back from the dead same battery lol and can use battery down too the very last 1% it owned my respect

                        The other thing about old sony phone is it was not slow like budget android phones

                        iphone has always been smooth but it not changed one can pick up old or new iphone same thing
                        same case with generic phones but there just slow but don't get slower

                        i have never used vivo or oppo i know highest amount of ram on a android phone is on gaming phones from lenovo nubia or asu unless you build a android pc or are able too give android emulator more ram

                        i have no idea of the max amount of ram android can be given and support but i hope it is crazy high

                        today's budget android phones do feel so different too the past the umdigi a9 pro it is a beast for its price (135) the 8gb ram makes the phone so nice too use and unlike the others it can game regardless of tact it not cost much

                        or a older gaming phone best phone i have ever used old grampa wanted something fast xd
                        had set it up and test it for him and wow it feels so premium the nubia red magic phone the
                        just using the screen and how fast and hyper sensitive and responsive the screen is
                        you can feel the power though using the screen and it don't slow down or overheat

                        only problem i find was 8gb ram was too easy too max out usage then apps close themselves so i wish it had a hell of a lot more ram

                        i think iphone should just match the ps4 from 2013 at least in ram (8gb ram) and fix there software older ios versions don't age well

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                          • Oliver Habilagon
                          • P@1
                          • 27 Aug 2022

                          Please bring back the keypad and the infrared. Kindly consider also to input Television on IP14 just like the one on China Phones. Very modern concept. I can watch my favorite series on my phone without buying Netflix account.

                            VNuff, 26 Aug 2022bring back the notch.if they bring back the notch, many people would complain about the notch.

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                              • 27 Aug 2022

                              Anonymous, 27 Aug 2022Congratulations to Apple for finally making a new design si... moreLol, have you seen the photos that under display camera makes? Apple at least does not tend to release beta products to an actual customers *ahem* fold1 *ahem*

                                [deleted post]what you paid to apple is their premium user experience. like the operating system. their hardware is very high quality, compared to android which runs like 2013 midrange samsung after 3-4 years of usage. if you still think about apple is ripping off customers, well you never had own an iphone nor rarely use one. budget android phones cant be compared to iphones. they are on different class, why would people still complain about ram size nowadays.. just dont leave 1000 tabs on. majority of people (like old people) buys vivo and oppo because of its absurd amount of ram size. but they still get the same performance as previous one they own. iOS ram management is different to androids. so it still runs smooth even in near future with 6gb ram. just take an example of iphone 8 plus. 3gb ram still runs like new. even in 4-5 years. let alone older iphones below 8 series. they no longer support updates like iOS 16 anyway. but still runs fine like nothing happened.

                                  Anonymous, 22 Aug 2022iPhone 14 Pro Max is never going to be good because of usin... moreinstead whining about ram size get a vivo or oppo brand. low end specs with high ram size, hence they are overpriced. or, if its not enough for you get a pc.

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                                    • 8sS
                                    • 27 Aug 2022

                                    Congratulations to Apple for finally making a new design since 2017
                                    They finally made it to 2019. Don't worry, by 2030 maybe Apple will adapt the under display camera

                                      bring back the notch.

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                                        • Yahya
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                                        • 26 Aug 2022

                                        Roshan Sahni, 25 Aug 2022I can't buy iphone but i really like to check specs 😅Same to same 😁