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  • PT

It's becoming my third iPhone. Prior to this I had an iPhone experience with 3G and 3GS. To be honest, the moment I switched to iPhone 4, 3G and 3GS started to look like a freak to me. The iPhone 4 had an unprecedented design the year it was released. It was almost like a metal sandwich. It looked extremely stylish. It was a visual feast with iOS 4.

Unfortunately I had to leave him in 2013. With iOS 7, Apple undermined this device. My iPhone 4 is ruined. It was twitching, freezing and warming. I also upgraded to the iPhone 5S.

Now I use an iPhone 4 that I downgraded to iOS 6 with the help of Coolbooter as an alarm and music player. So it still works. I can never use it with iOS 7.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2021can open yuotube Yes it can, Youtube Plays in HTML format, any phone browser with HTML support will play video and open any modern website

  • MUCH22

Better 4.9/10 and battery very weak health

Hosseini, 18 Aug 2021Best phone ever!I agree!

  • Meke

TechNerd, 12 Feb 2021I agree. The XS was a really good smartphone. Best phone

Best phone ever!

  • Sam

Deepak Viyog, 20 Jul 2021Nice phone still working well on 2021Are you using IOS 7.1.2 or an older version?

  • Deepak Viyog

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2021can open yuotube Nice phone still working well on 2021

  • Victor

TechNerd, 12 Feb 2021I agree. The XS was a really good smartphone. My is no service simcard no they enter

  • Anonymous

can open yuotube

  • Jupa

How can I use viber I install but how can I use it

  • Anonymous

It's still a good phone, using for sms, email, notes, facetime and all the other features.

iOS 7.1.2 is quiet enough to do some basic stuff.

  • Anonymous

AKDPSE, 25 Jun 2019Hello.. Anyone tell me; doe this iPhone version (iPhone 4 o... moreYou need to add the app you want to your purchased list in the app store first. You can either log in with your Apple ID on a newer iPhone with a newer Ios version or use a special version of iTunes with app support from this site :

Then you can just go to the purchased list on the app store of the iPhone 4, click the cloud icon and it'll ask you if you want to download an older version of the app
Also UC Browser still supports Ios 7 and you can switch to the Chrome engine in it's settings which is helpful
As of May 2021 WhatsApp doesn't work though, nor does snapchat, The Facebook site still works though, for imo I dunno

  • Jo

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2020My iPhone 4 upgraded to 7.1.2 is showing me .. searching fo... moreJust reset the phone. I had the same issue and sorted once i reset

5G, 02 Dec 2020I Like XSI agree. The XS was a really good smartphone.

  • AnonD-974435

This was my first ever iPhone that I used all the way back in 2014. So many memories man, this phone never had any problems other than software support.

  • Chris in the West

I have also had my iPhone 4 for 10 years, and it has given me excellent service. However it is now time to upgrade as some apps don’t work any more, e.g. WhatsApp. I also couldn’t download an NHS app so unable to volunteer during first Covid-19 wave. Time for a new iPhone 12 Pro !

  • 5G

I Like XS

  • taiwo

LUCAS, 02 Nov 2020are you kidding right? it a phone from a decade ago...I love it

  • Bourne Frost

Apple iPhone 4 is powerfull mobile phone.
The battery is very good and my Whatapp going well for me.