Apple iPhone SE (2020)

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

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  • Anonymous

N25, 28 Jan 2022My fiancé gifted me this iphone 2 months back. It’s my firs... moreyoucrapple complete bafoon its got 1000mAh battery LOL

  • Anonymous

Horrible phone, the screen is outdated, the battery is even worse and with the price is pretty much overpriced. Damn apple , if we want a decent phone you would label it with the high prices that we can't afford..

  • Abhijith

very very bad phone (iphone se)
i charge phone 2-3 times a day
it will high heating on a little bit usage
thank you iphone
it has high price but not good usage

  • Steve

People who complain about the battery are the same phone zombies who have their phone stuck in front of their face all day.
For the rest of us who enjoy life around us and just want a solid phone this is fantastic.
I get up for work every morning at 430am and in bed at 930pm.
I've never had to charge my phone during the day.
I'm always in 30's for percentage by bedtime.
I stream music to Bluetooth devices, make calls, texts, use assistant alot, check weather, check sports scores and stats, and use navagation when needed or search on browser for certain things.
Only drain on this phone is if one of the kids call on FaceTime.
People need to just stop being junkies to their phone no matter what phone you use.

  • tillunaidu

ok the device is working speed but you need battery backup and sometimes when you multitask like maps and songs and etc....there are the chances for hanging .....for 3 to 5 seconds to its not interesting and most confusing smartphone of 2020

  • Ik

My brother has used one for 1 year now and he needs to charge his phone twice a day because of the battery and the display quality is Bad for the price. So I wouldnt buy the Se 2 and se3

  • Meteor

Horrible phone! Horrible battery!! Mind that phones are also for emergency use!! Stupid phone! It never last a day!

  • Anonymous

I bought it some days ago

A great phone which upgrades the iphone 7, which was already a good phone. It is pretty smooth and the camera is much much better, even better than the iphone 10. The battery is the only bad thing, as it drains as fast as the original iphone 7.

  • Anonymous

Khellu, 05 Apr 2022hi guys ! can anyone give me an opinion regarding the batte... moreDepending very much on apps you use. If they dont activate performance cores much, it will last all day phoning and messaging no problem. Heavy video apps will drain like 2015 phone

  • Khellu

hi guys ! can anyone give me an opinion regarding the battery life ? for an average use it last at last a day long ?

  • Anonymous

Banti, 29 Mar 2022How is it possible?Could be because I mainly use Safari and YouTube instead of social media and camera.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2022I try not to hammer battery. Charge 3 times a day from 50-6... moreMy battery didn’t drop in the last 3 1/2 months and I‘ve been using it like a normal person

  • rnzo

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2022I try not to hammer battery. Charge 3 times a day from 50-6... morefor real!? thanks dude!

  • Anonymous

I try not to hammer battery. Charge 3 times a day from 50-60% to 80-96%. Battery life after 4 months still 100%

I have a black se and it is still going strong, although the battery can be a bit better.

  • Banti

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2022With my iPhone SE 2020 at 86%, I can get 5 hours SoT from l... moreHow is it possible?

  • Anonymous

V99, 01 Jan 2022The A52s 5G has way more to offer than the SE 2020 trust me... moreThat's wonderful but I don't want a big phone.

Ehsan, 06 Jan 2022Hi guys One of my friends wants to buy a phone with these ... moreSure dude. If your friend won't need 5G, get the Samsung Galaxy S10e. I checked off every box on your list. I've had mine for 3 years and still going strong.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2022Jesus why battery is that bad ?If only battery were better around 2100 mah, it would have a chance to last whole day with a15