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  • Tatanzing Abukrabu

jo hei, 12 Sep 2017facial recognition sucks. in the demo, the guy flopped doing it.... moreIf facial recognition sucks you gonna have a hard time many times to unlock your newest iPhone X then and no Touch ID to safe you. Bricked by an unreadable face.

  • AnonD-252296

thanks, apple
this year apple really has done a good job
this year I'm gonna buy this beast
really good job
TIM COOK and workers

  • Tatanzing Abukrabu

The big selling point of this phone is that you can perhaps safe a funny face as Face ID. Makes it fun to buy it. The AR is most likely still under developed. So basically only the screen remains as a reason as affordable luxury for die hard Apple fans.

  • AnonD-252296


  • Anonymous

What a pity, Apple did copy Samsung in every aspect, we can see who will report the break of patent infringement. Ah the price is $999 for the 32GB version by the way.

My Samsung galaxy s8+ and my iphone 7 plus is better than the iPhone 10/×

  • mr casanova

am samsung user but this phone looks awesome i dont care what anybody wanna say great job apple

  • Anonymous

Kiyasariin, 12 Sep 2017nope. the iphone 4 has HUGE bezels. in this one besides the pret... morethe chin at the top of your face is called forehead

  • Abdul Razzaq

facial recognition ??? anybody can unlock your phone while you are sleeping.
did not get how it is secure. ???

  • OmegaFighter

Sindroid, 12 Sep 2017Facial recognition on my S8+ is horrible.. Takes too long to unl... moreThe S8 does not use real facial recognition, it has an iris scanner that is very secure, but has a bad angle and has many conditions obstruction it, the "facial recognition" is just inbuilt in android and can be fooled with an image of you. They have built in physical cameras and scanners to make it work as good as possible. Of course it won't be perfect the first time, just like Touch ID.

  • AnonD-81051

Ugly, 12 Sep 2017The ugliest iphone design. Period.Well said and honest

  • Ashish

Resolution 2436 * 1125 will shit the crap out of app developers again

Amazing super design super don't call it bad watch the event

  • niky

this is the most tricky sniky marketing tactic apple made

they made new brand to iphone
iphone x should be = iphone 8 plus
and this crappy iphone 8 plus should be canceled

  • Anonymous

Sindroid, 12 Sep 2017Facial recognition on my S8+ is horrible.. Takes too long to unl... moreI have s6edge and touch is is horible! On my iPhone 6plus and 7plus Work instant! Perfect On this 2 device! Samsung sucks!

  • Levy

So the iPhone X looks exactly as the leaks, which is unfortunate. It shares the title of ugliest phone on the market with the iPhone 8.

  • Rehman

I am still happy with iPhone 6s Plus I am disappointed with the this years launch as well I don't think there is any changes in the iOS 11 as well 😰

  • Anonymous

*cough* Nokia N9 *Cough*

  • floyd

no 512 GB on 8, or X? wtf?

  • AnonD-699782

so where is TouchID?
History again?