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  • Weknowthkum6

Hi anyone updated Ios15 ? What about battery performance and heat ?

  • craf

Jahswin, 29 Aug 2021As anyone updated to iOS 14.7.1... how is it?The best update so far, i updated my xr to it and i can get up to 6 hours of SOT and still have 10% batt left. my battery health is at 86%, the phone is 2 years old(i bought it used for very cheap from a guy who used it as a work phone cuz he had a iphone 11 for personal use and
i have it for a year now).

  • Zitwarbler

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2021the only things the XR does better than the XS are price, c... moreI have had an XS max in the past and have an Xr as a backup phone now, the Xr is a great phone by comparison, it is just as fast and not out of date in 2021. It compared quite well to my main phone which is a 12 Pro Max (Using the Xr as just sold the 12 in anticipation of 13)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2021But the ones you mentioned are very important to average us... moreAs long as the iphone 13 will last as long before going home, then yes, the iphone 13 or 12s pro max, is going to last 4 or 2 more days before getting back home!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2021the only things the XR does better than the XS are price, c... moreBut the ones you mentioned are very important to average users. They‘d rather care about the battery not being dead before home instead of whether or not the display shows pitch-black or almost-black.

  • Jahswin

As anyone updated to iOS 14.7.1... how is it?

  • Xiaomi user

Bought used blue xr 128gb and used for a month. So far, it was decent and still powerful phone in 2021 with the a12 bionic. It may look updated with single camera but if you not use ultrawide or telefoto often, it still okay because the main camera can still get decent photo. The battery can get 8 SOT which is okay and ios15 update seems like it will get better power efficient but if you heavy user better go with other bigger batteries.

  • Anonymous

jurges, 21 Aug 2021I was in a dilema about buying the iphone xr second handed ... morebetter go with newer a52

I was in a dilema about buying the iphone xr second handed or samsung galaxy a52, I am a teen and worked the whole summer to buy something for mysef and help my parents too, the money that remained was 380 usd, with that money i could buy one of them, i thinked about it for many time, i watched reviews and all that info and i finaly choosed, im getting the xr 128gb it has the things that i need, i ordered it today (Saturday, August 21, 2021) (380usd) with 87% of battery but im planing to change it for some time, i think i have made the good choice, i will let you guys know what the phone will be like and if you would like you could tell me your opinion about my choice, I would gladly read them.

  • Anonymous

guys, are the iPhone XR still a good option in 2021?
battery 82%

  • Anonymous

Cindy, 07 Aug 2021Best phone i had ever, coming from a lot of android flagshi... morethe only things the XR does better than the XS are price, colours and battery. everything else goes to the XS. the XS is still a much better phone

  • Cindy

Best phone i had ever, coming from a lot of android flagships and apple iphone se’s and xs… i love XR. Great overall phone. Bought it used with 90% battery life. Much better than iphone xs. Battery lasts for a day, great performance in gaming and good camera.

  • Baron

madrid232, 19 Jul 2021Battery?The battery is super nice even at 89% battery health

The iPhone Xr is a good phone, its price is not as high as the latest models of the brand, as for storage it runs out quickly, but you can choose to store space on Google or pay for extra storage. The camera quality is good. And it's easy to use, he shows you how to do things.

It has a perfect size for me, so i can read and see videos without problem i also liked de quality of the camera. I don't like that some applications you can find out in the app store. I suggest fix the battery condition because it down very quickly and now that is practically new it’s ok but in a few months i know is going to be annoying.

  • Blackmamba

It’s July of 2020, still using XR. Pubg works well in ultra mode. Phone works good, battery still good at 89%. Have more photos and apps, at some point while playing pubg in high definition the phone felt a bit slower, however that was resolved by closing apps. Very well balanced cellphone.

  • madrid232


  • Jp

The truthteller, 27 Jun 2021I think so because its always in stock in every store that ... moreVery good proformens this price range

  • Anonymous

The truthteller, 27 Jun 2021The iphone xr does not have symmetrical bezels if you look ... moreI totally disagree with you. I am an avid android user and enthusiast, but I have to give honor where it is due. My iPhone XR which is my work phone, is much faster generally than my high end LG V50 and V30S. Browsing is faster, it keeps pages in memory even if RAM is only 3GB. Listening to Spotify and switching apps(or locking and unlocking the phone) does not make Spotify pause or hack. The CPU and memory are more than adequate. They give premium experience.

  • The truthteller

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2021> 300 ppi Camera that is better than like 90% of all An... moreThe iphone xr does not have symmetrical bezels if you look closely you will see the side bezels are thicker than the top bezel but to add another note the XR has thicker bezels than any android phone for comparible money to the xr which is £500/$500. Yes the xr camera is good for 12mpxl but it would be better than most android camera phones released this year because most android phones that are released every year are cheap $200 phones so ofcourse a xr can beat a $200 android camera phone. Problem with the xr is it only has 3gb ram so it won't be to much longer before it stops getting updates and the bionic a12 cpu is starting to show its age now. The xr also has a slow Web browser because it only has 3gb ram pages take ages to load when you have a 5 or more apps open. Also there's the iphone glass back problem If you break the glass back its £400 to fix because apple didn't design the inner components separate but instead put them on top of the inside back glass which no other phone manufacturer does because its just a stupid thing to do. Apple must have done it with the intention to charge you alot of money to fix.