Apple's mmWave iPhones are two months behind schedule

Ivan, 02 July 2020

Apple is pushing to start iPhone 12 mass production as soon as possible, despite the many hurdles posed by the ongoing pandemic.

Apple has finished most of the engineering verification tests for its 5G lineup, but is yet to complete design verification tests and product verification tests, before it can start mass production.

Apple reportedly initially ordered components for some 100 million iPhone 12 units, but has scaled back the order to 80 million. The company has also put in an order for 45 million older iPhone models to be manufactured, to keep the sales momentum going during iPhone 12 delays.

Apple is racing towards mass production of its 5G iPhones

According to industry sources, Apple will make both mmWave and sub-6GHz iPhone 12 models. Due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic the mmWave iPhone is about two months behind schedule, while the sub-6GHz one is one to one and a half months behind.

Sources claim that final iPhone assembly might be delayed to early October, which coincides with reports that the iPhone 12 lineup could launch in November.



Reader comments

Because I thought that during that comment you were poking fun at how apple is behind at 5G.

And why do you think I care. What does this have to do with what I said.

I just hope Android manufacturers will make some good compact phone like iPhone 12. Switching from iPhone from Android is expensive. I miss days of the more compact phones and iPhone 12 is looking promising in that sense. Problem is it is iPhone

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