Apple may announce its ARM-based chips for its future MacBooks during WWDC

Ro, 09 June 2020

This year's WWDC is right around the corner and according to Bloomber, it's going to be a spicy one. Reportedly, the company is going to announce its first ARM-based chips for its future MacBooks and Macs.

Apple may announce its ARM-based chips for its future MacBooks during WWDC

The first chip to power up some of the MacBooks is said to be a 12-core design based on the 5nm manufacturing process and will probably hit the 12-inch MacBook first. The said chip will be more powerful and more efficient than Intel's current one powering the MacBook Air. In the future, the company is planning to do a desktop CPU for its Mac too.

This would not only cut the reliance on Intel but will also cost a lot less for Apple to make. The formula with the custom mobile ARM chips seems to be working just fine with iPhones and iPads, so why not expand into the PC hardware.

This venture is sucking some serious R&D money, though, and as per the report, Apple will give the developers some heads-up to make their apps compatible with the new platform until the first Apple chips hit the market in 2021.



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No it doesn't do pretty much anything windows can. It probably does 5% of it. Only fruit logo fanat*cs buy it.

People who use Macs of course will buy it as,MacOS is full fledget operating system, which does pretty much anything you need from notebook like Windows. It is another question what you prefer windows or MacOS, but it is irrelevant for this matter, m...

I've used iPad. It simply can't compete with a real laptop. When I say real laptop, I mean a Windows based Real laptop, not running on Toy OS.

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