Apple paid developers $60b in 2021, record sales between Christmas and New Year

Ivan, 11 January 2022

Apple announced that it has now paid developers more than $260 billion since the App Store launched in 2008. The number stood at $200b at the end of 2020, which puts dev earnings in 2021 at $60b.

Apple also said that users spent 'more than ever before' between Christmas and New Year's, which is in stark contrast with previous year's when Apple would divulge the actual numbers, including disclosing the record $386M on New Year's day 2020.

Apple paid developers $60b in 2021, record sales between Christmas and New Year

The great numbers come as Apple is facing lawsuits all over the world over its App Store policies and particularly the cut it has been taking from each payment.

In 2020, Apple reduced its App Store fee to 15% for developers with less than $1M per year earnings.

Finally, Apple shared some figures regarding its other services. Apple Music now has more than 90M lossless songs, Fitness+ now includes more than 2,000 sessions, Apple Pay works in over 60 countries and Arcade now has more than 200 games.



Reader comments

  • justsomeguy86
  • 24 Jan 2022
  • gLN

'people don't understand what lossless means and what it represents and just like you they are mocking what they actually don't really understand'. Yeah dude it's called Male pride don't waste your time with proud fool...

  • Anonymous
  • 12 Jan 2022
  • 3@0

all apple dongles, 3.5 mm jack of older apple products, even bluetooth airpod lineup range in frequency up to 24 bit 48khz,so this is lossless audio, better than cd because cd is 16 bit 44khz, so basiacly people don't understand what lossless me...

Apple has the right to charge even 90% of the money spent by users. They already have bloatware and ads cooked into iOS. If anyone has a problem then they can stop developing or using Apple products.

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