Apple pauses the advertisement of gambling apps on App Store

Ro, 27 October 2022

Recently Apple increased the ad space in its App Store in pursuit of bigger revenues from advertisement, but that backfired in more than one way. There was a public outcry shortly after as some of those ad slots were purchased by gambling services.

Apple pauses the advertisement of gambling apps on App Store

This puts some sensitive users trying to battle gambling addiction in a tough spot or at least that's the main argument users are uniting around on the internet. In response Apple came out with a statement that it's pausing the advertisement of such apps.

However, Apple's decision doesn't sound very permanent. It hasn't clarified how long this pause will last and if it will eventually allow gambling ads under new rules.



Reader comments

Maybe if they share the revenue with Apple...! it will be allowed.!

  • Anonymous
  • 30 Oct 2022
  • 7Xe

Ew ads on apple devices 🤢🤮

It would be understandable if "gambling" was just a fair chance to win things. But we all know how devilishly unfair these are. They will give an excuse of "retaining the balance of the game" which is total bs because almost all...

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