Apple releases how-to videos for the Apple Watch Series 4

Ricky, 21 September 2018

Today, the Apple Watch Series 4 has officially gone on sale in many parts of the world alongside the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

To compliment today’s launch of the new Apple Watch, Apple has released several quick how-to videos showing users how to use the new Apple Watch to take your heart rate, call someone, start a workout, or how to use the Emergency SOS feature.

Each video is 30 seconds long with easy to follow directions on how to perform these tasks. We anticipate Apple releasing more of these how-to’s in the near future.

Have any of you purchased the Apple Watch Series 4? How are you liking it for far?



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

ECG feature may not be that important to you, but to others it is. Specially for those people that has heart problem. It is a good thing to have this on the watch instead of paying the hospital to perform this test. They can just send the result to t...

  • Anonymous

You know. I can dive 50m with my android watch, or climb to k2 without any shitty case. So, best for what? Ecg is just dump measuring

  • stanhope

that is your right of course but why do you feel your insignificant comment would be of any interest at all to any one other than yourself....ego check NOW

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