Apple releases iOS 14.8, fixes major security loophole

Prasad, 13 September 2021

Apple today is rolling out iOS 14.8 for compatible iPhones. This is one of those unglamorous security updates that doesn't bring much on the surface but does actually fix some important security loopholes and it's imperative you install it at the earliest.

The iOS 14.8 update provides fixes for the CoreGraphics and WebKit vulnerabilities that Apple says may have been exploited.

The CoreGraphics vulnerability was first discovered by The Citizen Lab, who identified it as a zero-click iMessage exploit by the NSO Group, the company responsible for the infamous spyware Pegasus that was in news recently. The exploit is believed to have been used to target Bahrain activists by using Pegasus to hack them.

Considering the nature of the update, it's probably in everyone's best interests to install it ASAP. The update is available for all iPhone models including and newer than the iPhone 6s.

Moreover, the update is also available on iPads (Air 2 and newer), iPod touch, macOS Big Sur 11.6, macOS Catalina, and watchOS 7.6.2.



Reader comments

  • Hudinited

Just Lebron James is enough, few others are, David Beckham,Jay Z,Martha Stewart,Harry Kane....

  • Anonymous

Translation: ios users will have compromised security irrespective of how secure a particular OS might be

  • AnonD-1003038

Because rich people in US don't use Android phones... Show me 10 celebrities (actual celebs of same caliber as those in The fappening) that were spotted with phone that isn't an iPhone. So, it's not about security of OS but rather prev...

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