Apple reportedly talking to BOE for OLED displays for future iPhones

Peter, 23 July 2018

LG was set to supply OLED panels to Apple for the iPhone sequels and while that deal is still in motion, it looks like it won’t take over from Samsung as the primary supplier. The latest rumors claims that China’s BOE will have that honor. But the deal is yet to be finalized.

First, the company will have to prove it can produce OLED panels to Apple’s strict specifications and at the required volumes. BOE’s Senior Vice President claims that the Chengdu factory is already at a 70% yield, which experts say is close to what the company will need for mass production.

Still, if an agreement is made, we will see iPhones with BOE-supplied OLED screens in 2020 at the earliest (according to an insider). In the meantime, Apple will source the screens mostly from Samsung with a small participation by LG, claim people in the know.

Apple reportedly talking to BOE for OLED displays for future iPhones

BOE already supplies LCD panels for iPads and MacBooks, so it has experience working with Apple. Not to mention that it is the #1 supplier of large LCDs in the world.

The benefits of the deal will go two ways. Apple wants to lower costs (and Samsung’s dominant position in the OLED makes for tough negotiations). China wants to compete with South Korea and Japan in display production (and getting Apple’s approval is seen as a testament to quality).



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  • Anonymous

LCD gets burns in up on it

Soon noone will cooperate with apple. All they can do is send other companies to courts. What a loser company.

  • Joe Alligator

which OLED have a 100% chance of no burning? before throwing rocks at a company do some research about OLED. ALL of the current screens may have a chance of burn in.