Apple working on graphene heat sink for iPhone 16 series

Michail, 16 November 2023

The iPhone 15 series was plagued by overheating issues which were acknowledged by Apple blaming lackluster software optimization in iOS 17. The issue has since been largely mitigated with the release of iOS 17.0.3 but it seems Cupertino may go for a hardware solution in next year’s iPhone 16 series.

iPhone 15 Pro Max teardown
iPhone 15 Pro Max teardown

Based on a new rumor, Apple is actively considering replacing the copper heat sink on the iPhone 15 with a graphene solution for the iPhone 16. Graphene offers superior thermal conductivity compared to copper and should be a noticeable upgrade on next year’s iPhones. The graphene heat sink would be paired with a new metal bracket housing for the battery to promote better heat transfer and cooling. We should mention that this is still an early rumor so as usual take it with a grain of salt.

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And apple's marketing team strikes again. . . iphone user data is also sold and this is why google pays 18-20 billion dollars per year to apple to remain their default search engine on ios. Targeted ads is worth billions, simple as that. ...

If you even gave them "heaps of irrefutable" factual evidence that Android based phones are better, they'd deny saying "green bubbles"

  • Anonymous
  • 18 Nov 2023
  • 2Av

No matter what people say or how bad tech YouTuber talk about iPhone, still iPhone sell like crazy as always

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