Apple-Samsung patent ruling to be reviewed by the ITC

24 January, 2013

The US International Trade Commission will review ruling, which could lead to an import ban on few devices from Samsung.

The ITC will be reviewing the preliminary ruling, which found the Samsung smartphones and few tablets breaching upon the four patents held by Apple. The final verdict on the case was supposed to be come by March 27 and now that date is very likely to be rescheduled due to the trade body's review.

Samsung's hope of continuing its dominance in the mobile market relies heavily on the decision from the International Trade commission. However, the company remains confident that the commission will ultimately rule in its favor.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-59530

Thats all they did in the first place. ALl jobs was to the company was a very gifted thief. Worst of all he openly admits this, but somehow nobody believes it

  • Roy

Very true my friend theres no more innovation here at apple. it just seems so much the same with an i fone 4 4s and 5 in terms of usage jus a few minor changes in a couple of years. so wats the point arguing over it apple fan boys. i am personally as...

  • Roy

It wud certainly be a better idea coz i know what i paid to get the i fone 5 for myself and seriously its not worth it. on the other hand i gifted my sis a note 2 and theres a million things that she can do on her fone compared to my i fone. simply a...