Apple slide-to-unlock patent invalidated by the German court

05 April, 2013

It seems Apple is going to lose its slide-to-unlock gesture patent, at least in the EU, since a German court has declared it invalid.

Everything started last year when Apple won an injunction against Motorola Mobility and attempted to ban the sales of certain devices. Encouraged by its victory Apple tried to sue Samsung over the same technology, but the case was suspended until German Patent and Trade Mark Office decides about the validity of Apple's patent.

Meanwhile Motorola Mobility appealed the court's decision and this time around it won the case. As it turns out the court ruled the Apple's slide-to-unlock patent is invalid because it doesn't meet the necessary technical requirements.

Motorola's victory will save Samsung the same lawsuit. This takes the whole lawsuit drama in Europe another step closer to its end. Here's hoping that the US cases follow suit so everyone can stop with this madness and get back to the development race?