Apple issues revenue warning due to slowdown in China

Ivan, 18 February 2020

Apple posted an update to its quarterly guidance to investors from January, informing them to expect lower revenues and slower iPhone business.

Due to the health response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, iPhone manufacturing factories are working slower than usual. The factories have re-opened, but are yet to ramp up production to meet Apple's projected iPhone shipments. As a result iPhone stock will be affected, which includes all current models and likely the upcoming iPhone 9.

The letter also notes that Apple and partner stores are working limited hours and have received a limited number of customers in China.

Apple tells investors to expect lower revenue due to slowdown in China

All of this means that Apple will not meet its expected revenue for the March quarter and possibly beyond.

However Apple reassures that it's "fundamentally strong" and that this disruption to its business is only temporary.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It's an official notice for investors/potential investors. GSMArena decided to carry it, then you decided to read and comment. Apparently you care some.

  • Anonymous

There is a shortage of iPhone stock; Apple doesn't have enough to satisfy all carrier orders. My NA carrier has several models on 'allocation' status, and one under a firm 'do not order' directive. Only 3 models are in ready supply.

Boo-boo,poor apple.

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