Apple to announce M1X-powered MacBook Pro this month

Ro, 04 October 2021

Apple often announces Mac products in October so the latest report from Mark Gurman seems more than believable. He says that Apple is right on track with its new M1X silicons and will announce the much-anticipated MacBook Pro. A new high-end Mac mini is also rumored to join the party.

Apple to announce its M1X-powered MacBook Pro this month

The chip itself will come in two variants and thus, two MacBook Pro variants are expected as well. Both alterations would sport 10-core CPU - eight of the cores will be high-performance for heavy lifting and the other two will be tailored towards power efficiency. The difference would be the GPU - either 16 or 32 core count. This is in line with previous rumors.

Gurman says that the M1X is probably just a name for a more professional M1 chip with largely improved graphics performance.

As per previous rumors, the MacBook Pro should provide a wider selection of I/O including SD card slot and HDMI port and will charge using MagSafe. A complete redesign is possible too.



Reader comments

  • Tio

Lol you really are a stupid specimen. That's barely even good for a premium chipset

> Tell me which applications rely only on a single core nowadays? And why especially business ones? Very easy. A demanding one: web browsers and all that electron shit.

  • Jab1995

I prefer my mac for daily use but I do have a windows PC for other stuffs. I have been using windows for a very long time and there are stable builds which can compete with a mac stability but the problem is to keep up with security patches and keepi...

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