Apple iPhone 14 Pro to have 48MP camera, periscope scheduled for 2023

Yordan, 21 December 2021

Apple has been relying on 12MP sensors for the main cameras of its smartphones for the better part of a decade now. This is finally about to change in the iPhone 14 Pro series, as Cupertino is aiming to put a 48MP sensor behind the main shooter, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims.

Apple to introduce 48 MP camera in iPhone 14 Pro, periscope scheduled for 2023

The 48MP sensors still output 12MP images after pixel-binning, but allows more data to be gathered for computational photography. Kuo stated that Apple might add a “48MP” feature that takes pictures in 48-megapixel resolution for when total resolved detail is key.

The company will then move to introduce another widely used smartphone tech - the periscope lens. It will make its way to the iPhone 15 series, scheduled to arrive in 2023.

Sadly, the analyst does not have any more info on the matter. Right now, the telephoto camera of the iPhone 13 Pro Max caps out at 3x, but anything longer wouldn't fit in a modern slim smartphone without the use of folded optics.



Reader comments

  • Ringwall

Great, now get rid of that lightning nonsense, and add a foldable screen and pencil support and I will buy the most expensive model.

  • Anonymous

"Have phones with Android 6 magically gained text OCR from photos in main photo gallery?" Well YES, it's called Google Lens. Android 6 phones also gained Nearby Share for example. Also taking in consideration the last 3 yea...

Yes, and when you go to write you don't even know what you wrote, get Vanced or use PiP, it is much more functional

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