Apple to introduce a new telephoto camera with iPhone 15

Ro, 15 April 2022

According to industry sources, a big OIS and autofocus actuators supplier in South Korea has struck a deal with Apple. Last year, the US-based company visited Jahwa and some believe that the OIS modules maker is spending more than $155 million on building a new manufacturing facility.

Apple to introduce a new telephoto camera with iPhone 15

Given the size of the investment and the fact that Apple often asks its suppliers to build production lines just for its needs that's a strong indication that the two companies are starting to work together. It's interesting to note that Jahwa is a supplying OIS modules to Samsung as well.

The new camera hardware, which is believed to be used for telephoto units, will come just in time for the iPhone 15 lineup next year, starting production in Q2 2023.

Now, while this doesn't mean that Apple has decided to include a periscope telephoto camera, it's an indication that a more advanced zoom camera is in the works.



Reader comments

Apple to introduce a new nothing with iPhone 16. Also will introduce a new nothing at all with iPhone 17.

  • Pinklawan
  • 18 Apr 2022
  • Acq

OMG!!! Iphone 14 models are not yet released and yet advertising the Iphone 15 models? Amazing

  • Anonymous
  • 18 Apr 2022
  • mE0

You asked most Samsung users their viewpoint, or you just guessing?

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