Apple touts iOS security and recycling efforts in latest iPhone ads

Michail, 02 July 2019

Apple’s latest “That's iPhone” ads are out, highlighting the superior security features of iOS devices as well as Apple’s dedication to protecting the environment. The first two clips highlight the App Store approval process for each app as well as iMessage’s encryption features while the third one focuses on the recycling of toxic materials from iPhone components.

The App store ad highlights Apple’s strict guidelines for app submissions. Each app is reviewed to ensure that users will not fall victim to malware. In addition, Apple claims it even goes through all update versions to make sure they are reliable and free from offensive material.

iMessage is one of Apple’s greatest hits and the company is known for its efforts in encrypting user data. The ad reconfirms this by showcasing a puzzle-like set of tiles simulating the encryption process.

The last ad focuses on Apple's approach to iPhone material recycling. Apple is known for its dedication to narrow down its ecological footprint and that is evident in the attention to the tiniest details like extracting 0.83 grams of tungsten metal from used iPhones.


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Yes, iPhones are easier to have battery and screen repairs if you watch most repair videos since the first thing that comes off is the display panel itself. On the other hand, many brands like Samsung require you to dig through the back of the phone ...

oh yeah, look at all that abounding proof that Android OEMs take your info and use it for shady things.... Oh wait, there is none. Androids are easier to hack, but IPhones are hack able as well.

  • NBL

Atleast there is the so called "'hope'', which is not there on the counterpart

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