Apple wants $22 million from Samsung for legal fees

08 December, 2013

It seems that the patent wars are far from over. Years ago, when Samsung's Galaxy product line began to seriously compete with the iPhone, Apple brought the Korean manufacturer to court. In the course of their legal battles, Apple has forked over $60 million in legal fees and expects to be reimbursed for part of that amount: a cool $22 million.

The two tech giants are scheduled to begin duking it out on January 30 with regards to this issue. This is yet another development in this already long and complicated case. But it doesn't stop there.

Samsung is appealing the original ruling to award Apple $1.05 billion, which was subsequently cut down by $450 million. In the damages retrial last month, it was ruled that Samsung would have to shell out $290 million to the Cupertino tech giant, bringing the total amount to about $740 million.

It looks like there isn't an end in sight to the legal battles between these two companies. Samsung's newer models are already being charged with patent infringement by Apple. Judge Lucy Koh will preside over the case, as she has been involved with it since the beginning.

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