Apple Watch Edition 38mm (1st gen)

Apple Watch Edition 38mm (1st gen)

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11000 dollars,bruh,how and why

i wanted a apple watch but i never had one i will buy first gen when i aford it how to get in uae i suggest amazon

  • Anonymous

Highlander1978, 30 Oct 2015... as well as the ceramic back, sapphire display, luxury s... moreSuch a case would have been great for my Apple Watch stainless steel...

  • AnonD-295423

Sexy look for women

  • AnonD-595282

the color is beautiful i must admit. i will eventually get one but have decided to hold out a little while longer until more technological advancements and improvements are made to make the watch 100% independent.

  • vans432

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2015because of 18-karat Gold colorits a beautiful watch 512mb ram
BEST watch ever!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2015because of 18-karat Gold colorcolour is fine

  • Anonymous

AnonD-104972, 29 Oct 201511000 Euro?What?Really?because of 18-karat Gold color

  • AnonD-362866

AnonD-104972, 29 Oct 201511000 Euro?What?Really?You seem shocked?

  • AnonD-104972

11000 Euro?What?Really?