Apple Watch now available in India

Prasad, 07 November, 2015

The Apple Watch is finally available in the Indian market, just in time for the Indian festival Diwali when sales are high.

All three variants of the Apple Watch will be available in India. The base Apple Watch Sports starts at INR 30,900 ($467) for the 38mm model and INR 34,900 ($529) for the 48MM model. The standard 38mm Apple Watch with Sport Band is priced at INR 48,900 ($740) and the 42mm Classic Buckle model is priced at INR 60,900 ($921). The 18 carat rose gold Apple Watch Edition with White Sports Band is priced at an eye-watering INR 820,000 for the 38mm model ($12411) and INR 990,000 ($14,984) for the 42mm model. The prices go all the way to INR 1,420,000 ($21,492) for the most expensive model. The prices in India are higher than the US ones due to the weaker Rupee and because they are inclusive of all taxes.

The watches are currently available on Flipkart, although only a handful of variants are available there. For the full range you will have to visit your nearest Apple retailer.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

yup i love this its amazing i thing someone who wants to buy they can buy from here

  • XOX

The different between the 2 sizes is virtually meaningless as the software shows the same amount of information on both screens. Plus, the text, watch faces and maps look the exact same on both sizes. I have the 42mm SS with the milanese loop, and ha...

  • qalamouny

Good .. but it is more expensive