Apple Watch Series 2 42mm

Apple Watch Series 2 42mm

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weirdo, 12 Nov 2020Absolutely no, since every Apple Watch are made specific fo... moreSo they can milk every last cent out of their customers. Apple is one of the worst companies ever.

  • weirdo

digital, 20 May 2020is apple watch2 compatible with androids phones?Absolutely no, since every Apple Watch are made specific for iOS devices only

  • Kartikey Bhardwaj

digital, 20 May 2020is apple watch2 compatible with androids phones?No

  • Praveen kumar


  • digital

is apple watch2 compatible with androids phones?

  • Anonymous

L, 09 May 2020is apple smartwatch 2 compatible with a 5c No

  • L

is apple smartwatch 2 compatible with a 5c

  • Hero for fun

Shubham Sharma, 21 Jan 2020Can I connect with iPhone 6Sure even 5s is still can connect but you need to verrify with version

  • Shubham Sharma

Can I connect with iPhone 6

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2018It doesnt scratch easily, i had two Sport with the weakest ... moreI had 2 sports with ion glass and 2 stainless with sapphire and ceramic. Both my Sports got small scratches on the glass, one had extreme scratching on the back, REALLY bad. Both the stainless was scratch free front and back but as you say the housing itself can get some scratches.
I recommend everyone to save up some extra and go for a stainless, the sapphire glass is incredible and makes any gorilla glass look like a cheap joke. Its fairly cheap to buy used stainless models, i got a Series 2 stainless for below EUR 350, was 800 new, the front and back makes it a superior alternative to Series 3 Sports, and Series 2 has a very good battery, maybe better than S3, and very much better than original and Series 1. I considered to get a new stainless Series 4 44mm but the Series 2 has so great battery and satisfactory performance so i decided to use the money on pretty girls and party instead, very happy with my Series 2 indeed, not outdated in any way and has WatchOS 5.

  • Anonymous

Duncs, 31 Dec 2017Mini review of space grey 42mm Apple Watch series 2 Hi I... moreIt doesnt scratch easily, i had two Sport with the weakest ionX glass and one with sapphire glass, all are scratch free on the front despite many small accidents where i was like "oh no, i scratched my watch!" but were undamaged. The back is another story, Sport model scratches when your arm gets dusty from traffic or working in dusty environments, keep away from cement works and cement dust. The stainless models with sapphire glass has a ceramic back that is extremely scratch resistant but when using for outdoor work the housing itself can get scratches, though no more than other steel watches that has no coating.

  • Duncs

Mini review of space grey 42mm Apple Watch series 2

Hi I’m going to keep this review short and simple.

Design- display scratches easily. Looks great and bands easy to swap out. Waterproofing cool. Digital Crown very useful.

Display- chips easily but can get very bright and is a joy to use. Auto brightness can be annoying.

Softaware- watch OS 4 very cool. Nice features like control centre and more watch faces.

Watch faces- nice selection but pity you can’t download more.

Speaker- loud enough actually decent dynamic range.

Battery life and charging- very good battery >3 days with cinema mode on. Would invest in spigen charging stand and charging is quite slow.

Speed - quite laggy actually and apps still take a long time to load but dock helps.

Other observations- haptic engine is brilliant and get loads of interest from people.

Am loving this watch.

  • Nick

TheRationalRedhead, 06 Jan 2017I love comparing tech from this website, always really grea... moreit is the stainless steel black DLC Coated version show here. Just compare the glossy finish to the matte dark grey one on the alu version. You'll notice the difference

  • wafi

waterproof!!!! waterproof!!!!!!!!!1

  • AnonD-678721

Is it worth the purchase? (Relative to the high price)
Or wait for Apple Watch 3?
After introducing the Series 3, is its price balanced some months later?

  • TheRationalRedhead

I love comparing tech from this website, always really great information. As far as this Watch goes, there is one misleading thing. The watch posted looks like the aluminum casing, and only stainless steel and ceramic are posted as different bodies. Also, not all models have the sapphire crystal glass. The aluminum body models only have the Ion-X Glass which is more drop resistant than the more brittle sapphire crystal but are a lot softer than the sapphire. I grazed the watch against our granite countertops a few days after getting the watch (I am not used to having a watch on my wrist) and it left a decent scratch on the screen. Sapphire crystal only comes on models that are stainless steel or ceramic. I think that this information should be added, especially for people who might only check this sight before purchasing a device. Besides that one bit, everything on this site is amazing. Keep it up.

  • AnonD-607835

Apple Watch Series 2 Review

  • Anonymous

I recommend, if you have already possed an iPhone, you shouldn't waste further time to grab Apple Watch S2.

I believe that you won't regret.

  • Christian Al Candle

I like it's kerrybells so much! :-)

I hope I could buy it someday :-(