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Apple Watch Series 6

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  • Anonymous
  • m@7
  • 18 Jun 2022

I want to know. Do Google Maps or Apple Maps work well on Apple Watch? For normal map navigation with visualisation to work, not just arrows. Maybe in the September it will be worth buying. Is it possible to make have maps offline in Apple Watch. In that sense, download to the apple watch memory storage.

    A shame that they removed 3D touch since the Series 6. Apparently some company sued the tech for patent infringement, and so Apple removed it. I always liked the ability to press harder to trigger the watch phase menu.

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      • Anonymous
      • fIV
      • 18 May 2022

      Jossy Jay, 21 Feb 2022Can it connect to any android Bro no buy an Android watch if your not iphone user you can't use both android watch and apple watch apple iphone user lucky

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        • Sidd
        • BE1
        • 20 Apr 2022

        Is this watch 6 is compatible with iPhone 6s

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          • Phil
          • Sjw
          • 19 Apr 2022

          Can a iPhone X connect to a Apple Watch Series 6

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            • Jossy Jay
            • r3a
            • 21 Feb 2022

            Can it connect to any android

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              • Ryan
              • K1A
              • 26 Jan 2022

              anan, 25 Oct 2021can iphone series 6 support to version 6 s plus 12.5.5it is only support for iOS 14 and above.

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                • anan
                • YPe
                • 25 Oct 2021

                can iphone series 6 support to version 6 s plus 12.5.5

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                  • Anonymous
                  • iie
                  • 28 Aug 2021

                  Mahammadtula, 24 Aug 2021Can i connect it with android that have NFC no you can’t. apple watches are for iphones only

                    Can i connect it with android that have NFC

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                      • Bsnahahsh
                      • IVQ
                      • 23 Aug 2021

                      Anonymous, 08 Aug 2021Can i ans and talk with this watch?Yes u can.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • f}n
                        • 08 Aug 2021

                        Can i ans and talk with this watch?

                          Can i order this online?

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                            • PolarisInParis
                            • AA8
                            • 23 Jun 2021

                            KC01, 21 Jun 2021Hi, Can I use Apple Watch with my IPad(Wifi) or IPod(Wifi)?No, Apple Watches are only compatible with iPhones.

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                              • KC01
                              • 3Eb
                              • 21 Jun 2021

                              Can I use Apple Watch with my IPad(Wifi) or IPod(Wifi)?

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                                • Dio
                                • qnw
                                • 03 May 2021

                                A.D., 13 Mar 2021Hi everyone. I'm not an apple product user soni don�... moreTo answer your questions by bulletpoint,

                                1. Yes, it is usable without an iPhone via Family Setup. However, an iPhone is still required to initially set the watch up via Family Setup, and the only watch capable of supporting this is the LTE model, with the watch getting its own phone number so that calls to other people can be made.

                                2. Yes, the watch can send messages to an emergency contact if the user takes a fall. After the watch senses that a user is immobile for about a minute, it will automatically call emergency services, and it will send out a message with the location of the user immediately after the call ends. These contacts are pulled directly from the Medical ID. With normal setup, you normally manage your Medical ID/emergency contacts on your iPhone, and one can assume the process would be similar for Family Setup. However, I would experiment with this before giving it to an older relative to make sure that emergency contacts are set up correctly.

                                3. It isn't specified anywhere on the product page itself, but the Apple Watch normally gets about 1-2 days of battery life in a single charge. My S4 would last me about a whole day, but battery life has likely improved since then.

                                4. In my own opinion, I would recommend it. The Apple Watch has some great health features like being able to take an ECG reading right from your wrist, the previously mentioned fall detection, a standalone Emergency SOS feature that can be easily triggered by holding the power button down and sliding to the right a la iOS, and taking a blood oxygen reading with the Series 6. For a specific model, I would get an aluminum Series 6 with LTE if you're concerned with having every health feature possible for the Apple Watch. If you're only worried about fall detection, however, an LTE Apple Watch SE should suffice.

                                Hope that helps.

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                                  • hotenergy
                                  • nUx
                                  • 27 Apr 2021

                                  €700 for 18 hours of standby? :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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                                    • AnonD-977682
                                    • utI
                                    • 02 Apr 2021

                                    A.D., 13 Mar 2021Hi everyone. I'm not an apple product user soni don�... moreNo it's hard to understand about apple iOS and watch os so buy her a voice controlled assistant or buy other smartphone or Samsung watch alive or watch 1

                                      Apple's most expensive watch (Apple Watch Hermes Edition) is $1399

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                                        • A.D.
                                        • KZ8
                                        • 13 Mar 2021

                                        Hi everyone. I'm not an apple product user soni don't know much about them but I'm planning to buy either watch 5 or 6 sim version for my grandmother who's alone during daytime. Can someone answer my question.

                                        1. Is the watch usable without any phone, standalone?
                                        2. Can the watch really send messages to emergency contact if the wearer fall?
                                        3. How long is the battery life?
                                        4. Is it recommended for old people?