Apple Watch Series 8 Aluminum

Apple Watch Series 8 Aluminum

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Hanging umbrella, 28 Sep 2022Is 2000 nits not more than enough???For sure!

    AnonD-876481, 20 Sep 2022Ehh the battery life is comparable to the samsung watches (... moreComparison with previous models are not logical. Right now, both Samsung watches and Huawei watches have more battery life while having responsive UI.

    Huawei gt3 pro is currently unbeatable for the price. It also has sapphire glass on its screen with titanium bezel. Samsung watch 5 pro also has these. Both models do not get scratched easily.

    Top tasks which are expected from a smartwatch are:
    - gps
    - playing music
    - tracking exercises
    - showing the time
    - having a good battery life

    If the watch sucks at the battery life such as Apple and Samsung (I think Samsung also sucks at it, just not as much as Apple), then you will begin to live your life according to the remaining battery life of your watch.

    It is also laughable that Apple boasts of longer battery life in its other products (like iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, AirPods etc) sucks at it in Apple Watch where the battery life is the most important.

    5-7 days of battery life should be the norm for smart watches.

      Anonymous, 17 Sep 2022how?Is 2000 nits not more than enough???

        Anonymous , 17 Sep 2022You can adjust itWell ... I know that...

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          • 20 Sep 2022

          anandreau, 17 Sep 2022Battery life is really bad. It is actually "the worst&... moreEhh the battery life is comparable to the samsung watches (the old active series or the new 4/5 series). Because these watches are basically just like 2nd phones, that you have for exercising. You can leave your phone at home and just take the watch. You can still listen to spotify or other music service while running etc. with your headphones. Hell if you have the LTE version or on WiFi you can still type in messages and add stuff to your calendar, contacts, memos.......

          Also you can't say that the Apple watch isn't the most responsive and with the smoothest UI of any watch......ZERO LAG.

          And it does understand actually better at when you are exercising. It also already tracks your progress and when it finally sends out a notification it already back recorded the last 10-15 min. I used to own a huawei watch gt which just send the exercis alerts for just anything. and miscounted steps and counted floors of my building as two etc. The Samsung watch 3. I owned, was a bit better but the UI was laggy as hell.

            Battery life is really bad. It is actually "the worst" in the smart watch sector.

            Cheap Chinese branded watches can understand when you start running, working out, etc. You have to tell this to the apple watch to make it start tracking performance.

            You cannot change the frequency of hearth rate tracking. This lowers battery life when you do not need it, and it is not that dependable when you need it. Huawei watches let you track hearth beat every X seconds (you can change the X here).

            Let's say, you are just jogging and running lightly (to lose fat, or to have some light cardiovascular workout). Just using the running app and playing music offline eats the battery much more than any other smart watch. You need to charge the watch fully up to 100% before running 50/60 minutes, and then return home to recharge it again to make it last for the rest of the day. This is ridiculous in 2022.

            For most people, Amazfit GTR/GTS 3 pro or 4 models are more than enough and they also hit the price vs benefit point.

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              • 17 Sep 2022

              Hanging umbrella, 09 Sep 2022Too high brightness....😅😅You can adjust it

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                • 17 Sep 2022

                Hanging umbrella, 09 Sep 2022Too high brightness....😅😅how?

                  Too high brightness....😅😅

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                    • 14m
                    • 09 Sep 2022

                    Random guy, 08 Sep 2022Price is too highIt's the same cost as the 7 and gives more benefits lol

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