Apple Watch Sport 38mm (1st gen)

Apple Watch Sport 38mm (1st gen)

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  • AnonD-680834

I just switched from Samsung devices over to Apple, and I figured I'd immerse myself. I've been nothing short of impressed, and that includes how I feel about this watch. The interface is simple to use, elegant, and beautiful. The watch itself is comfortable and I find myself checking my phone a lot less, since all important notifications come through the watch. The battery lasts me all day (but I do need to charge it nightly), and it works seamlessly with my iPhone 6s.It is Gold plated from telemart .I bought this product from telemart .pk and its really impressive.

  • Anonymous

love my applewatch...

  • AnonD-522600

I wish there was option of playing videos 😔

  • Anonymous


  • jijeesh

just fantastic

  • GOA


  • AnonD-372476

Every Creation of Apple is so beautiful ...

  • Mel

So beautiful.