Apple wins $539 million in damages in court against Samsung

Ro, 26 May 2018

Seven years after the start of the industry's largest patent battle, Apple finally won $539 million in damages of the original $1 billion plea. Back in 2012, the iPhone maker won the case as the jury ruled out the full amount but Samsung argued it should pay only $28 million and went for a retrial.

This Thursday, the federal court in San Jose, California decided only on damages over three Apple patents that Samsung infringed - the rounded corners of its phone, the rim that goes around the device's front panel and the grid alignment of the icons. In addition, two utility patents that protect the way something works are included in the verdict.

As expected, Samsung's lawyer said that the verdict isn't based on evidence so the Korean giant will raise its objections. Apple responded that these cases have always been more about money.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

This two company spent more times on court rather than at lab invent new things. Just change become lawyer company will you

  • AnonD-754294

but apple hits are now NONE!!!!!!!!

But Apple profits are higher than ever anyway... regardless of copyright infringement compensation. Also like the article says this all started back in 2012, not last week.

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