Apple won the pre-trial motions against Qualcomm

Ro, 07 September 2018

The Qualcomm-Apple lawsuit regarding patent infringements have been set in motion with the pre-trial hearing concluding. The pre-trial aims to rule what is and what isn't allowed to be used in court for evidence. And it's advantage Apple after the Qualcomm legal team messed up.

Qualcomm chose not to argue Apple's claims that the Cupertino-based firm has not infringed some of the patents involved in the case and that some of the others are invalid. Even the judge made that clear and outlined Qualcomm's mistakes.

The chip maker then changed its mind and wanted to present the needed evidence, but Apple's law team argued that it's too late. The judge agreed and now Qualcomm is entering the trials at a serious disadvantage.

Still, the judge didn't give the green light to all of Apple's expert testimony. If Apple was found guilty on infringing "essential technologies" for smartphones, then FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) rules apply and the patent owner is eligible to receive compensation.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Another lawsuit, another expense. And doesn't matter who wins, who loses - that'll come out of end-user's pockets. Maybe users' outcry would be necessary to put an end to this endless Apple vs. XXXX (every other tech company known on the planet) laws...

  • why why

for what reasons? Apple is as bad as qualcomm

  • Anonymous

Uh, the Pre was /announced/ after the iPhone 3G was on the market, and launched the day after the 3GS was announced.

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