Apple's iPad mini 2019 gets bent out of shape in durability test, still works

Ivan, 04 April 2019

After the new 11-inch iPad Pro got wrecked in JerryRigEverything's durability test, we weren't all that confident the iPad mini 2019 would survive the same test. But woe and behold, it did, even if only partially.

The durability test goes as usual - display scratches at a level 6, like most any screen outside of sapphire, the sides are made of aluminum and the burn test leaves no lasting damage as the screen is LCD and not OLED.

The bend test is where it gets interesting. Just like the iPad Pro 11, the iPad mini 2019 yields to the pressure and bends badly. But unlike the Pro, the mini's screen or frame didn't crack and the tablet remained fully functional, if bent to a banana shape.

Check out the full video below.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Can any of the peanut gallery trolls stop obsessing over Apple long enough to provide a list of tablets that have PASSED a JerryRigEverything-style extreme bend test (with links)?

  • Anonymous

If only you'd review an iPad these days instead of gushing over torture videos

  • AnonD-804996

Nah, it's nice to know what happens under extreme conditions. I had Xiaomi Mi5 that just snapped in half in his test, but mine is still fine. But I know you need to be a bit careful where with some you don't have to at all.

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