Apple's latest iPhone 7 ad is all about iMessage stickers

Vlad, 13 March 2017

Every single messaging app worth its salt has stickers. Some even get updated from time to time just to add even more stickers, believe it or not. So undoubtedly stickers are big - and not just literally. People seem to love them.

And now Apple is keen to remind prospective iPhone 7 buyers (and those who own one already) that iMessage has stickers too (it's been like that since the release of iOS 10). Loads of them actually. And did you know that they're "practically magic"? This is what the company's latest iPhone 7 ad says, take a look:

So if you've ever wondered what the world would look like if stickers existed in real life, you now have the (not at all surprising) answer.


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  • Anonymous

Value for money is the most important thing to you when it comes to phones - which is completely reasonable. Apple is low in that regard, which is a valid opinion. But the thing is, not everyone prioritizes value for money in a phone. We also ca...

Your comment is just a while bunch of settling, right there. If you look at the prices for Apple's products, you'd find similar quality products for less, and at their price range, you'd find much better products. Their products aren't competitive, a...

Don't be so bitter. They're products are good enough. Android phones are good enough. Even Windows products (all of it) are good enough. They're all not great, sometimes comes with silly bugs, but definitely not worthless considering all the effort...